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Google sketchup to painting

sharing few steps of progress i doing "cable car in town"...i use Google Sketchup render the basic 3D form, after that export to 2D image and paint it in Corel Painter.
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The guy on the bridge, wonder where he went
if it was the convenience store, then he should bring back juice boxes, he simply must
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Favorited just so I can try that process later on... painting over a 3d rig you set up seems like a great way to hash out shadows and lines super accurately without hours of math and rulers
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OH! Now all makes sense... because that vanishing points are REALLY complex! I thought you worked with 3point-perspectives or something (I mean, just tracing it, not modeling the scene). This is great :)
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Really good work with colour and light, not just cheating with 3D :)
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That's a fantastic idea to use the program like that
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Thanks for sharing the workflow, I'll try to do that! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ  Awesome work! 
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interesting workflow - superb result
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Looks great. :)
One Question: Do I have to pay for any of the models if I download them? :o
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awesome :D :salute: 
great work :D
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Whoa! When have you started doing this kind of process? Like when hav you ever started doing things like backgrounds and all like this??
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WOW! that looks better than the museum i made in sketchup
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This is exactly the kind of thing I'm trying to do with Sketchup. I want to start doing a graphic novel, but I hate drawing backgrounds. Using Sketchup in this fashion I can create components that can be made once and repeated however many times I need them.
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Very interesting!  How long did the original modeling in sketchup take?
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Hi. Sketchup is a bit confusing, I just started using it. Even after the tutorials, I'm still slow. How long did it take you to grasp the program? Any advice?
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So that's how you do it! That's a pretty smart technique!
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Love it! I have to try this.
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Did you reder it yourself or did you used a model (made by someone else)? =)
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My god that's beautiful. Amazing work!
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Very nice!
Thank you for sharing this! :)
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