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Google sketchup to painting 2

Showing some steps here...Hope its help ^_^
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Good mixing 3D with drawing!
The girl on the roof is you? ;)
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Question:  What kind of reference images did you use for this?  Did you simply make up the initial structures or were they taken from references? 
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Can't even got past step 1 :V
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your great like it! :D
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thanks for sharing.  love your gallery.
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Thanks for sharing. It helps me to understand how much details there should be in the 3D-sketch.
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What on.. earth.. !! Oh my god.
Are you using Sketchup pro or.. make?

How the hell..
I am .. baffled!
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Things like that can be made with the free version. You just have to create the 3D model, frame the camera/view, then export to 2D picture. After that, just use the image as base for your painting and there you go, ready to start. ^^
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Great art, so original about the emphasis in the process of creation. ;)
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Cool, you could of do livestream I'm really interested in your tehnique
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Thanks for sharing! :D
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may i know if u used a tablet?
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wow.... damn why people are so great!! This is MORE than just a tutorial, it's already an art!
Amazing I like it!
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I'll like doing the same thing^^ It's beautiful. You make all the colouring on PS? or you begin on Sketchup?
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which is good btw
dunemoonbeam3's avatar
your method takes th guess work out of shadows and perspectives
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IIIITTT"""""SSSS TTTOOOTTTTAALLLYY PPPEERRRFEEECCCTTTTTT!!! get off 3ds max! i will use SKETCH UP!!! Thank You For tutotrial))))
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Seems so easy, yet so difficult..
Do you use Google SketchUp to create your architecture?
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Very wonderful idea, beautiful colors, good style!
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Wow that's great! Never thought of that but I'm going to give sketchup a go. Thanks for the step by step.
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Thank you for that!! It's good to study ><
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