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Girl in the window

Photoshop and painter as usual. Fantasy of Penang Island Malaysia.
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the-mirrors-wish's avatar
Wow, very nice lighting and rendering!
ashrafrezk94's avatar
I love Your drawing , it is great but the big tower in the back is just not fit in .
I love your world { like ( Sundry Shop ) the towers are great } more than this kind of buildings .
Harkale-Linai's avatar
I don't know, I like the contrast between the two neighbourhoods: the poor one, with its roofs made of patchwork corrugated iron, and the buisness district, more modern but less human. Plus, I think that tower is a nice transition between the colourful buildings and the blue sky... but it's only my interpretation, you're free to disagree :-)
ashrafrezk94's avatar
You have a perfect point ..... i missed that .
Great thinking :D (Big Grin)  . 
But i still hate the big tower  LOL .
AzureXLadio's avatar
Awww~Pulau Pinang > <
MarcosArts's avatar
Wow this is great.Congratulations
zerodbs's avatar
You are a ideal artist that I always dreamed
Grdzneuli's avatar
Beautiful colors.
osika4's avatar
This is my favorite one of your works... Take me there!
TomkyoStudios's avatar
Preh eh nice cih eh. (Pretty nice city.) Series is aweing.
farvus's avatar
Hey. Fantastic mood and sense of scale.
Hello, How much is it for some (5) images like this one to ilustrate a shor history?
Angiegehtsteil's avatar
This is so good - Thanks for sharing this with us!
Ota-ku's avatar
what tablet do you use ..?
Easymode83's avatar
Lol I never knew my hometown could look so beautiful
warfighter416's avatar
I feel like at the alternate world of Pulau Pinang! Hehe... my relatives lives there.
doodlebugRP's avatar
I like seeing the tower in the background, gives some feeling of the larger setting, and of variations in neighborhoods...
KimiyoTarameHollows's avatar
PEnang completely different!! XD
LeRaphe's avatar
Not only do you use amazing perspective angles but the environments themselves are so vivid. How do you make it look so easy? OTL. Love your work, reminds me of my country a little bit. XD
en-maai's avatar
I love these type of painting soooo much it s just soooo awesome !!
Thanks a lot for sharing your art ^^
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