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Cable car in town

practice Google Sketchup recently~~really a useful semi 3D rendering software for scenery drawing/painting~~
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Crowded spaces and yet so picturesque
Loving this one!
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Holy crap I didn't know you could do this with Google Sketchup
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Looking at it and I was like "Hey whatever her name is-chan, wait for me!". 

Amazing :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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Your sketch is magnificent, its like seeing a Hayao Miyazaki frame. You have a great hand and some fine details and I really admire this. Congratulations!
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when you put the 2d into corel do you colour exactly? do you use an overlay layer? if i tried to paint on top of it it would get so ugly :(
do you have a youtube channel? :o
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If this was a anime/animation, I would totally watch this. 
Your artwork is so AMAZING!
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Hi, did you just use Google sketchup for the whole image or just for perspective guideline and then paint in pts? I've just heard about this software recently, so I don't know if the free version can be enough for such a painting like yours?!
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i like the way you keep your balances 
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Did you really use sketcup for this? This is insanely detailed!
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His designs can be chaotic and calm at the same time, I personally refer those who had the old curtiços bunches here in São Paulo Brazil. Congratulations for such dedication and beauty that passes in your art ... And my appologies, i used the google translation... Wink/Razz 
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I love your artwork! It's amazing how you make something like this so beautiful~~
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Whoa! What'chur head...
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This is so exhilarating and peaceful at the same time! Woohooooo!
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can you make tutorials on how you do this and did you upgrade from intuos 4
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Cool and highly original. I love it. 
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O__o how have you gotten from sketchup to this?!
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would be great to live there :D
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wooooowww!!!!! amazing drawingsss *^*
I think that your draws look pretty similar than the films from Studio Ghibli :D
(i really like that movies *^* <3 <3 <3 )
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could you please tell me how to make those shadow? i mean the dark side under the bridge ..
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Can you do tutorials?
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