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Tupac Yupanqui

By Feig-Art
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Another work for the Chilean TCG "Mitos y Leyendas". One of the most important Incas, let's  see some wikinformation about him:

Topa Inca Yupanqui or Túpac Inca Yupanqui (Quechua: 'Tupaq Inka Yupanki'), translated as "noble Inca accountant," was the eleventh Sapa Inca (1471–93) of the Inca Empire, fifth of the Hanan dynasty, and tenth of the Inca civilization. His father was Pachacuti, and his son was Huayna Capac. Topa Inca belonged to the Qhapaq panaca (one of the clans of Inca nobles). His wife was Mama Ocllo.

    His father appointed him to head the Inca army in 1463.

    He extended the realm northward along the Andes through modern Ecuador, and developed a special fondness for the city of Quito, which he rebuilt with architects from Cuzco. During this time his father Pachacuti reorganized the kingdom of Cuzco into the Tahuantinsuyu, the "four provinces", Tupac Inca led extensive military conquests to extend the Inca empire across much of Southern America.

    He became Inca in his turn upon his father's death in 1471, ruling until his own death in 1493. He conquered Chimor, which occupied the northern coast of what is now Peru, the largest remaining rival to the Incas.

    He conquered the province of Antis and subdued the Collas. He imposed rules and taxes, creating two Governor Generals, Suyuyoc Apu, one in Xauxa and the other in Tiahuanacu. Tupac Inca Yupanqui created the fortress Saksaywaman on the high plateau above Cuzco, which included store houses for provisions and clothing.

    Tupac Inca died in 1493, leaving two legitimate sons, and 90 illegitimate sons and daughters. He had nominated as his successor Ccapac Huari, son of his concubine Chuqui Ocllo, but they were both killed soon after Tupac Inca's death. This left the path clear for his legitimate son, Titu Cusi Hualpa, to succeed him as the emperor Huayna Capac.

    I hope you like it! :D

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    You do not out shine the sun.

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    Totally badass.
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    Stellar artwork! You've got a fine style and a deft hand at details. I just love the palette and colouring, and the poses, and the composition, oh, and the shading-lighting you've executed so well! Everything about this painting, in fact, is top-notch quality.

    Please pardon me asking, but would you by any chance be interested in helping out the volunteer project known as the Ninth Age (T9A for short: )? It is the spiritual successor of Warhammer Fantasy, run by 300+ volunteer contributors all tinkering in their spare time, and it aims to go even further than Warhammer did along the paths of historically based dark fantasy smörgåsbord setting:

    T9A is all about cultural fantasy races, and even after Saurian Ancients (WHFB Lizardmen:…  from Lustria's jungles: ) have claimed the Mayan and Aztec styles for themselves, there are a lot of mileage left for fantasy peoples based on Pre-Columbian American cultures.

    In the Ninth Age's historically based fantasy setting, the equivalent of South America (Virentia) sport its Andes (Wrathful Mountains), all unclaimed as of present. We're currently brainstorming about a new concept, namely Andean fantasy Dwarves. We'd love to see as many Pre-Columbian-interested artists' very own interpretations of this fantasy concept as possible, and your distinct artworks would be great to have onboard!

    If you would like join up for some artistic brainstorming, then the relevant upload places are both the gallery ( ) and the Incan Dwarf thread (… ). Otherwise I can just act the middleman and upload any donated concept artworks of yours over on the Ninth Age, naturally with credit and linking to you being duly given.

    If you would by any chance be interested in donating artworks of yours for concepts, then here is a quick guide for T9A gallery upload of art contributions:

    At any rate, beautiful artworks! Evocative to boot, and very well detailed. Have a nice day. :)
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    Funny short legs. But at the time they were like that.
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    YES I was thinking something like this would look perfect in your style :heart:
    Tu arte es excelente, te felicito! Pero permíteme hacer algunas observaciones. Veo por las vestimentas y tocados que has usado como referencia lo que se ve en el IntiRaymi, lo cual es históricamente incorrecto. Te sugiero que consultes las imágenes de los textiles incas que hay en los museos , los dibujos que aparecen los keros, las pinturas de la escuela cusqueña y las ilustraciones de Martin de Murua y Guaman Poma.  Por ejemplo, el inca de tu ilustración no ostenta la Mascaypacha. También el muro del fondo, actualmente los muros incas presentan esa forma irregular en su parte superior porque los españoles los destruyeron parcialmente, pero en su época eran planos.
       De todas formas, los colores, la composición y la atmósfera me gustan.
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