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"Amaterasu Omikami (‘the great divinity illuminating heaven’) is the sun goddess, the most important deity of the Shinto religion and ruler of Takama no Hara (the High Celestial Plain), the domain of the kami or spirits. 

Also known as Oho-hir-me-no-muchi or Amaterasu-oho-hiru-me, Amaterasu is the daughter of Izanami and Izanagi who made their daughter ruler of the sky. When her father Izanagi escaped from his visit to the underworld he had to perform a cleansing ritual in the river Woto and it was then, from the god’s left eye, that Amaterasu was born. She is also the elder sister of Susanoo (or Susa-no-wo) the storm god. Amaterasu constantly quarrelled with her mischievous younger brother and finally having enough, she exiled him from heaven."

Another work for the Chilean TCG "Mitos y Leyendas". I did this illustracion in June last year. I hope you like it! :D

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Hi there! How much would it take to use this illustration in my novel "The Destroyer of Worlds" alongside Susanoo, Loki, Athena, Aphrodite, and others?

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Hi! Sorry for the late response. Unfortunately I can't give any permission of use for this illustration, becaushe the commercial rights belong to the company that this illustration was made.

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I see! Thank you for your reply!!! You can see Susanoo and other deity art at (it is for an awesome book)! I LOVE this picture! Let me know if you might want to create something similar

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this is incredibly beautiful. <3
your work is awesome 
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thank you so much :D
your welcome keep up the good work
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Ah, Amaterasu, origin of all that is good and mother to us all...
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Well done. I do not have the words to describe your work.
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thank you! I really appreciate it
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o! It is very nice work!!+fav 
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Really beautiful!! :)
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A very interesting facial expression
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Wonderful art, well done :happybounce: 
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thanks so much!
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You have my watch Clap  Keep up !
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