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-sketch- Follow if you dare!

Here's another quick sketch I did yesterday, and it comes with news~!

I've started a PATREON campaign!!
With everyone's help I can get more free arts done sooner, getting time to color all these sketches and more.

There's goodies of all sorts and other stuff. Also, I suggest checking my latest journal for some points to keep in mind. :D

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is this an OC or a cannon character? i feel like i recognize her.
RJL7983's avatar
I would love to meet a girl with a body and face like that that understands me and has us do dangerous and wonderful things together.
Best "sketch" ever! I would love to be that motercycle seat right now...
ShinigamiRyuku's avatar
WOAH! Awesome!

Fantastic work on anatomy!!!
This needs to be coloured.
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Even your quick sketches make my colored work look like crap.
Key-C-Cool's avatar
Love the line work, you can really feel a vibrancy from this.
Chacartz's avatar
dat ass... dat body! DAT SCOOTER!!! oooh, dat look on her face...
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love this. your anatomy is spot on. also your perspectives
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this is looking pretty good <:
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I really like the facial features/expression on this character.  She seems like a badass behind those adorable eyes and button nose.  :D
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most very daring!
NdrN's avatar
Very nice!
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Nice! I totally dare. Maybe it's just that I do most of my art in black and white, but I think it looks better that way than in color.

Kill La Kill Stamp: Satsuki 7 
S3rb4n's avatar
Le seguiría al fin del mundo XD
Kittyillustrations's avatar
lovely sketch, the bike looks awesome
Fragnostic's avatar
Who is this mysterious Pat Reon person everybody speaks about? Is he some kind of superstar?

Wow, that's a hot machine! The girl is nice too... ;)
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Butts again, I see. :3
The grim look makes her look even more hardcore. Love it!
feguimel's avatar
Butts foreverr!!!
mistersaxon's avatar
I dare. I always dare.

This is lovely - thank you! Girls on bikes are fun, right? :)

p.s. so are guys - bikes just make everything better...

(Always motorcycle responsibly: wear eye, head and hand protection (especially when legally mandated!); do not operate motorcycles whilst under the influence of drugs, alcohol or stupidity; do not motorcycle if you are allergic to elevated levels of coolness, cuteness or both)
feguimel's avatar
Much fun! xD

Allergy to cuteness gotta suck. It would make life not worth living!!
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