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Merry Christmas

Finally done!!
AND it's still Christmas!!
Merry Christmas everyone~

If anyone can build me a house like that, please contact me. (jk)

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LOL maybe only when it snows? it's like the north pole hahaah little elves' home!
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WAOOOO this is so pretty! it reminds me of the scene in Nightmare Before Christmas where Jack first discovers Christmas Land. sooo prettyy.
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ah, i love that movie so much. thank you and happy christmas :D
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If any one contacts YOU about a house like that, contact me. lmao
I would love to live in a house like that!!
Gorgeous work, very well rendered, and an excellent idea to boot! : D
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LOL i'll be sure to contact you!
thank you very much and merry christmas :D
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absolutely Beautiful!~:heart: I luv this 8D
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Wow, gorgeous textures put into your painting skills there Feesh. Happy Holidays! :)
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:) thank you! and you too
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Wow...I'd love a house like that XD;
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me too TT-TT i should try growing one in my backyard right now
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AWESOME house is AWESOME. I really love the perspective of the trees in the background. It really just captured me. And the colors remind me of Halloween. LOL.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! =3
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LOL halloween! thank you ~ and happy xmas
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Lawl wow, puts a whole new meaning to treehouse XDD Meri Kuri Feesh! :B So purty and bright 8D
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lol!! thanks xD merry christmas~
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thanks, merry christmas!
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