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this was LAST year's work
for the math pi logo contest, for the T-shirt thing remember?
yeah, so i hand drawn this and then pen it later (which took me ages)
i did this for the extra 15% (for the winner which i might had a chance) for the math overall grade
(i suck at math so this i my change to improve my grade through something like art) but... i didn't won
some other 12th grader did, well u all know that T^T
so, yeah that 12th grader must have been really good, and better than me since im still in 9th grade -*-
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Would you allow me to use your picture on a stage group t - shirt?
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Sure! As long as you refer back to this page for credit. :)
Thank you very much.
When we use your image on the shirt will put a link to your devianart. PS: I'm sorry if you have any grammatical error or concordance. I do not know write well in English.
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My pleasure!
It's okay about the grammar, I don't mind them. :)
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HEHEHEHE im entering the same contest for 10pts extra cred.... HEHEHEHe im such a loser cuz I cant think of anything.yeha and im only in seventh grade
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oooh, same intention :D nicee. well, try ur best to get that extra cred!
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Thanks ;) and by the way, i really liked that design. it had a medieval clockworks theme. its awesome
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ทามมายม่ายชนะหว่า แย่จิงๆ กรรมการตาบอด

สร้างสรรคจิ๋บเป๋งเลยว่ะ *อิจฉาฟุ้ย*
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มันต้องเป็นแบบ computer-generated ถึงจะลงเสื้อได้ -*-
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Nice design! Its a shame you didn't win it.. :S

Is that 3.14 at the back???

Its a :+fav:! :


Ahhh I'm going back to BKK tonight!!! :D soooo happy!!!! :XD:
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yea, glad u notice the 3.14 =p
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Ahh... just noticed the little "Pi" on top... they're very well blended together.

"มันต้องเป็นแบบ computer-generated ถึงจะลงเสื้อได้ -*-"

Couldn't you just... scan it and then make it a line art on photoshop?? :confused: or was it that... you had no idea how to do it last year :XD:
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i thought about the scanning thing too, but that's what my math teacher said = ="
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good one ^__^
she you didn't win :)
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Age always makes a difference when it comes to experience....unless you're a prodigy.
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