Embarrassment || Oikawa Tooru x Male!Reader

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From: Grand Trash King (−_−;)♥
To: [Nickname]-chan ♥(ノ´∀`)

ne, ne, [nickname]-chan! today is friday, right? let's eat something after practice! i'll even pick you up, i don't care if you're sweaty bc you always smell nice, heheh (*´˘`*)♥

You sighed silently in annoyance as the smart phone in your hands buzzed rather loudly for your liking during class.
That dweeb kept texting you no matter if you replied with a blunt fuck off or simply ignored him, he was just too annoying for his own good.
You inwardly clicked your tongue and tried your best to pay attention to the slightly grey clouds that loomed all over they sky.
Looks like it will rain later, you mused with a murmur.

From: Grand Trash King (−_−;)♥
To: [Nickname]-chan ♥(ノ´∀`)

it's a date then, k? i'll buy you some flowers and chocolate and then i'll kiss you~ (´ε` )♥
uwaah, i can't wait!!

You gritted your teeth with an embarrassed blush growing on your cheeks and tightened the grip around your phone.
Narrowing your eyes in slight anger, you typed away furiously under your desk.

From: [Nickname]-chan ♥(ノ´∀`)
To: Grand Trash King (−_−;)♥

What am I, a chick? Tooru, I swear you're so embarrassing, god

Said male sat there smiling in his seat and waited eagerly for your reply, his left leg moving up and down and foot tapping the floor in a high pace.
His brown eyes lit up as his phone buzzed and immediately replied with his tongue sticking out between his lips and a joyous glint in his orbs.

From: Grand Trash King (−_−;)♥
To: [Nickname]-chan ♥(ノ´∀`)

i don't care what you say~! i'll pick you up, tease tobio-chan a little bit and then we'll spend some nice alone time together! you'll be allll mine!! Only mine~!!!ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
ily, my little baby boo! (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ )

Meanwhile your face was burning in an already feverish colour and you made sure to make your next reply as short as possible before slamming your face flat and loudly on your wooden desk and shoved your phone back into your pocket, right now not really caring if the teacher would hear you or not.

From: [Nickname]-chan ♥(ノ´∀`)
To: Grand Trash King (−_−;)♥

… whatever.

Oikawa's face lit up at your reply, quickly texted back in a inhuman speed and held his phone close to his chest as he began to squeal quietly to himself.
“Uwaaah, [Nickname]-chan is so cute!”, he said to no one particular and looked with beaming face up to the ceiling only to get hit by a book on the back of the head and slammed with his face directly on the surface of the table.
Rubbing his forehead with a whine, he looked back and saw Iwaizumi mouth him to shut up and pay attention to the teacher.
Oikawa pouted slightly after sticking out his tongue to tease his friend, who instantly broke his pen into two pieces in anger, and turned his gaze back to his phone to answer the text.

From: Grand Trash King (−_−;)♥
To: [Nickname]-chan ♥(ノ´∀`)

asdfgh- you're so cute i could eat you up!!
but i need to stop texting now, iwa-chan is giving me his mean look again...! (ノдヽ)

“Is everything alright with him?”, your teacher walked over, after you had checked the next text and banged your head a second time against the table, and asked the guy, Tanaka, right beside you his question.
“O-oh, u-uh, yeah! He's just a bit feverish, I guess. May I take him to the nurse office?”, he shuttered out an answer and the middle aged man gave a sigh.
“Please do so.”

Tanaka pulled you up and looped your arm around his shoulder while you refused to move an inch, which caused the slightly taller male to grumble and decide that he would simply carry you on his back.
Giving you now a piggy ride, the Wing Spiker could feel the heat radiating from your face as you buried in his neck and tried his best not to start to sweat from the heath of your body.

“Your boyfriend again?”, he asked with a small grin and you nodded meekly, the face dugging deeper into the males skin to hide yourself from the rest of the world.
“I swear, he's so embarrassing, Ryuu...”, you muttered and tightened your grip around his neck.
“Who is he anyway? You only said that he goes to another school. Or is he a she after all and you try to hide it from me, eh?! Don't tell me it is that way!”, he suddenly started to yell and you clapped a hand over his mouth to keep him from raising his voice even more.
“No, baka”, you literally spat out the insult as you moved closer to his ear: “You'll meet him soon enough, after practice to be exact.”
“Eh?! Don't worry, we won't embarrass you!”, he told you with his voice full of excitement and bounced up and down still with you on his back through the hallways.
“I have rather the feeling that I need to worry about him and not you.”
“That bad?”
“The worst.”

And that he would do.

After a few hours of fooling around in the nurse station, playing apps on your smart phone and chatting or ranting about your boyfriend with the nurse herself, practice had started with a lot of sweating, jumping, serving and so on and so forth.
Outside was standing Oikawa, actually with a bouquet and some chocolates in hand, and looked every 5 minutes on the digital clock of his smart phone while nearly bouncing on the spot in impatience.

He was able to be patient but it was his boyfriend he was waiting for for crying out loud, he simply couldn't help himself!

Since you both had rarely spent any time lately due school and training, the setter had decided to just pick you up after practice and to stay over at your home, of course as a friend and not the lover of yours, so you both would be able to share a room without your parents getting any paranoia.
Your father was surprisingly very overprotective over you even though you were a boy.
Maybe it was the reason that you were an only child and your father had wished for a girl but he never complained about you being a boy, no, it even came to a point that he adored you so much that he was a beast that only waited for a reason to be unleashed when someone would hurt his little boy.
This was mainly the reason why your parents weren't involved into your relationship. And you mother was a slightly homophobic, she would freak out about her only son being gay.

Parents were honestly scary and strange human beings.

He hummed some random tune and rocked back and forth on his heels, the impatience grew with every second until he couldn't take it anymore and threw open the gym doors.
“[Nickname]-chan~! Your knight in shining armor is here to rescue you!”, with his arms spread wide open, he sing-sang loudly with closed eyes and a wide grin, causing him to miss the utterly irritated expression on your face as your attention was turned to the older male and got hit straight into the face.

“[Last name]-senpai!” Kageyama came quickly rushed over to you as he saw you fall onto your butt and kneeled down to place a hand on your back to help you to sit up. “Are you hurt?! I'm sorry, was my toss too high?! Or too low? Was the timing off?! Tell what's wrong! I didn't meant to mess up, really!”
“Ugh... Don't worry, Kageyama! I'm at fault, got distracted”, you mumbled and rubbed the back of your head as you sent your kouhai a small smile in which a simply tensed and nodded over and over again with a slight blush on his face before you shot a small glare into the 3rd years direction, who gave an obvious grin.

You and Kageyama had known each other since middle school, so it was no surprise that Kageyama had high respect of you with you being one year over him – his senpai – and all.
Oikawa would often complain and whine about the tight relationship you had to your kouhai, which you always brushed off with a nah.

That is your boyfriend, [Name]?! You gotta be kindin' me!”, Tanaka yelled from all over the gym and pointed at your boyfriend, who had meanwhile walked over to you now again standing form, that was slightly, only a bit, blushing in humiliation, and handed you over the bouquet and chocolate with a large smile and his tongue sticking out of the corner of his lips after peeking your forehead affectionately.
“I told you I'd bring you flowers and chocolate~!”, he beamed at you as he spoke and wrapped his arms around you to pull you into a bear hug, especially looking at his ex-kouhai to make sure he saw that you belonged to him and no one else could have you.

“Tooru, lemme go, we're in middle of practice”, you huffed and pushed him off you, he in return whined loudly with stretch out arms and made grabbing motions with his hands.
“But [Nickname]-chan–!”
“No means no.”
“If you continue like this, I'll get Iwaizumi, or should I rather say Kowaiizumi?[1]”
“Do you think I'm scared of Iwa-chan?”, he smiled at you with batting eyelashes before slightly panicking at your next words.
“I got him on speed dial–”
“Okay, okay, I'll wait outside but no Iwa-chan!”, he whined in defeat and pouted with teary eyes as he turned his back to you, started to walk out and you moved your body so that you would face your kouhai again, who had utter shock written across his face.

Just as you were about to say something two hands grabbed your shoulders, spun your around and soft lips crashed onto yours, tongue easily slipping into your agape mouth and dominated you in any way possible. The presents the setter got you slid out of your hands as you stood there perplexed and hit the, slightly dirty from practice, ground.
After a short while, Oikawa let go of you again, gave you a wink with a sweet smile and said: “Just something to make the waiting less painful~!”
With that he skipped out of the gym, licked over his lips with his slippery tongue with a smug smile and narrowed eyes, his thumb slowly brushed over his lower lip.

You stood there with your face burning in a never seen before shade of red and stared blankly at the now closed again gym doors before blindly pressing the number one on your smart phone, that you had always with you let it be practice or a simple walk to the toilette, and held it up to your ear.
Minutes later everyone was able to hear Oikawa's screams from outside while you were teased by your teammates – mainly your kouhai Tsukishima, who wasn't cute at all like kouhais were actually supposed to be while you were threatening him with running laps around the school again – about the just caused scene.

Suddenly your phone buzzed and showed a notification from snapchat. Opening it, you saw a picture of slightly panicked Oikawa making a selfie while running away from an angered Iwaizumi with the message in the middle: 'but our date is still on, right?'

Rule 1 when dating Oikawa Tooru: Always call Iwaizumi. He's the solution for everything.
[1] Kowaiizumi → Kowaii means scary

// Oikawa Tooru x Male!Reader //


Have some Oikawa \(T∇T)/
I 'm not really fond of him tbh but slowly start to warm up to this trash king.

I started writing this on my phone but, ugh, I rather finish everything on my laptop bc I can format the text way easier that way.

People were actually waiting for me to write something about him, hahah.
This dweeb, is swear.

Anyway thanks for reading!
I hope you liked it! Emoji32 

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Oikawa Tooru 
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 © Haruichi Furudate

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Iwa-chan... ATTACK-
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Iwa-Chan is the solution to everything related to Tooru... It's just a known factoid...
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this is beautiful
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Rule 1 when dating Oikawa Tooru: Always call Iwaizumi. He's the solution for everything.

True so true. :D
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Amazing my child
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"PEN". Holy shaitu Iwa-chan, how strong are those fingers? UwU
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I loved this XD Dammit you space trash Filthy Frank - Kill Yourself Oikawa Tongue Icon Oikawa Okay Icon Oikawa Smile Icon Jensen/Dean Evil Laugh ~ free to use! Jared/Sam Scream ~ Free to use! Misha/Castiel Tongue ~ free to use! EXO : Kyungsoo Fangirling 
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God, I love these two.
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Truly beautiful XD
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So cute~
(First time reading yoai tho.... Only because i realised it half-way through.. But couldn't stop reading it by then😂😆 great work👍)
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Same lmao. I just try to change it to female now lmao
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Pfft... thanks 😂😂😂 i wrote it the way i pronounced it 😂😂😂

(That was embaressing😂😂)
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My nickname is Levi 😂😂
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THIS IS PERFECTION!! Omfg I might die of cuteness this is so amazing
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when things get rough, call for iwaizumi hajime lmao
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"panicked Oikawa making a selfie while running away from an angered Iwaizumi" I HAVE TO draw that :D Great story senpai!
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kowaizumi oh my god
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Heeellloo. I'm not a male but even though I read it and I LOVE THIS ! This was perfect! Oh my god, I cant believe how hilarious this was! I am stil crying while laughing xDDD
Seriously, this is my favorite one right now ! God, what the hell .. youre a genius for writing this !! :D
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