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A New Group is Born: Beyond Dimensions



Finally they're here! :) It took time to do it (more than 6 months at least) but here they are : the Beyond Dimensions: my four girls, my four fairies!
I took a lot of time to work on this group because I have a project for it. I took time to work on each character properly, which means that they all have their own story, their own traits, their own style etc

I'll submit an "Id card" for each of them to let you know them better. But really quickly, here is a little description of each character:

- Feelie is the leader. Her power colors are pink and blue. She is the girl with the purest heart of the group, she takes care of herself and likes to be trendy.
- Azara is the fairy of time. Her power colors are blue and purple. She is the funny girl of the group, always laughing, she cares about her friends. She is Feelie's best friend.
- Cleopatra is the fairy of the solar snake, which means she has the power of light and of the serpents. Her power colors are yellow and green. She acts like a diva because she is considered as a goddess on Earth, in Antique Egypt. However, she is loyal to the group and fights with the others against the ennmies.
- Rachel is the fairy of fire. Her power colors are red and black/dark brown. She does not like any of the girls, she is lonely and Rachel is in the group for a mysterious reason (let's keep some suspense :D ). She is kind of a rebel actually.

And that's it for now x) You know the fairies a bit more now :'3 Their gallery will be created/updated soon and I hope you'll have more artworks of them soon too ^^ Now that they are all here, I will work harder on the project I swear :) This group offers me a lot of opportunities and I hope I will handle it correctly :'3

This work is inspired by an official artwork from Winx Club™ - Season 1.
© Feeleam - 2018 - Beyond Dimensions
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