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Since our group is slowly growing, there are eventually going to be some problems that come up. So, this area is for all our members to comment with suggestions they think will help improve our group.

All suggestions will be taken into account and the admins and I will try our best to improve your experience in this group (:

So, if you have something you would like to tell our admins regarding this group and how it's run, please comment below. We love to hear your suggestions!
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I feel really silly right now. I just realized you do have a WIP folder already in the gallery. I just didn't scroll down far enought. Sorry about that.
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(: That's alright, I was thinking that you meant something else
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Actually I did mean something a little different. A tips and techniques help category but the WIP folder could be easily used for that.
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(: yeah, but if you still need help, just ask us.
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Thank you so much for the quick response and for taking my my suggestion into consideration.

I had thought of the other option you mentioned. My concern (if I put myself in the admin shoes) that by adding this idea in with the critique folder is that people would have such different views as to what constituted an almost finished piece. That your critique folder might possibly get flooded with too many really unfinished pieces.

If the idea was appealing to the members as a whole, I was thinking that sending notes with links to the admins would put an extra work load on them. But I don't know how it works from the admin side as I have never owned or run a group. This is the reason why I suggested the additional category folder that would just leave it open for members to respond if they felt like it.
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Yeah, that is definitely true with the "Critiques" folder.

I think the notes would probably be my choice because the admins aren't obliged to reply but they are still notified of the request.

If you still need help with the fur though, please send it via note to us and the admins and I will see what we can do (:

Speaking of admins, since you are such an active and helpful member, would you be interested in becoming an admin for our group? Or is it inconvenient at the time?
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I'm sorry It took so long to reply to you. My husband plays WOW so weekends we have to share the computer. So it one of those hey it's my turn now. lol.

I'm so flattered that you would ask me. It would not be inconvenient at all. I'm a stay at home wife. I would love to help out with the group in any way that you think I might be of help.

The problem is I have no experience at all in doing something like this. This the first time I've ever joined or belonged to this type of group.

I'm not sure I would be qualified to do an admin job. I don't have a formal art education just self taught. Could you tell me more about what qualifications you like your admins to have? Then we could decide if I would really be of help to you.
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Haha, it's like that with my sister and I (;

Of course! Here's the link to what admins will have to do: [link] and other info.

So basically, what I want in an admin is someone who is responsible and active on dA. They also should have an eye for art. This means they don't necessarily have to be very advanced in art, have taken formal art lessons, etc. I just want someone who has a certain knowledge of art, has many opinions on art, and is able to suggest and provide feedback on ideas for this group.

From what I've seen of your participation in groups, you seem ideal for this position since you:
1. are active on dA
2. have commented with great advice on a lot of our submissions
3. are polite and able to give critiques without being overly harsh
4. have a distinct drawing style as well as an understanding of other mediums also

So, it would be great to have you as an admin in this group (:
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Do the admins need to know PHP, CSS and image setting to help with submissions ect? Or is everything already preset on the group pages. How are assignments set up for each admin? Do they each have certain assignments they are required to do each day or week?

I was an assistant team leader for the web competitions I was in . We had to use html to do that job plus go thru a training course to learn how to do everything. It was volunteer just like the DA but everyone learned real fast to take their particular jobs seriously or they really caught heck from the web comp owner. lol. It became so over whelming and a 24/7 thing that my husband asked me to quit.

Sorry for all the questions. I want to make sure I can do what you need done and give you the time needed. But I promised my husband not to turn it into the 24/7 thing again.
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(: That's alright. Admins have it really simple. You don't need to know any PHP, CSS etc. Even I, the founder, only needs to know this much for my journal posts: [link] It's very simple, click a button type of organizing in the gallery and such. Not like running a website at all. In fact, all admins have to do in our group is to provide feedback and ideas for this group, suggest artworks for favorites, and judge contests. Nothing big. This is why some deviants can manage 10 groups at a time. It definitely won't take that long :P Most admins spend (at maximum) one hour on here each day.
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I'm so sorry it took so long to get my reply to you. Got up this morning and had problems with our computer system. We are going put in some new parts over this weekend to make sure the system is reliable.

I would love to be part of the admin team if you decide you still would like to have me. I think it would be alot of fun. I can give you more than one hour a day tho. lol. Would Monday be okay for me to start?

I'm really new to DA. I've only been a member for 2 months so you will have have some one guide me thru what you would like me to do.

Do you want me to pull my entries in the contest? I can do that before we shut down the computer this afternoon to work on it?
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Oh no, that's alright. Admins can definitely participate in contests (: I'll give you more info about that later. It's alright if you're new to dA, I'll be happy to answer any questions.

You don't need to put in an hour at all :P Just however much you feel like is ok with me.

I'll invite you now and please check our "Admin Area" for updates and conversations on what the admins are doing :D
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Hi, I don't know how well this might work. But I wanted to make a suggestion of including a I need help folder or something along that lines for the members.

I know it would mean careful guidelines so that it would not get abused with just all kinds of hodge podge art work. I was thinking of something along the lines of artwork that is almost in a finished state, but not ready for a critique, in which the member has run into problems and would like help from the other members.

Example I have a drawing that I would like advice or suggestions on because I am having trouble doing the fur. In the description box the member would state the problem they are having and ask for advice on that particular problem. I thought it would be nice to have a folder that the other members could give tips or techniques that they have found work for them. I have spent days looking for a group that has active members that do this. But honestly they all seem pretty much dead in the water. This group is very active so I thought it might be a workable folder category.
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Hmm, that seems like a really great idea.

How about this, for now, just submit that piece to the "I want Critiques" folder, and the admins and I will try to help you on it.

I just need to talk it over and see if any of our members would submit to that folder. I could just make it a part of the "I want critiques" folder if you add in the description something along the lines of: "Can someone help me with the fur in this drawing? I need advice in order to finish it".

Or, I could make it so members can send us notes with the links to unfinished artwork so that the admins and I could directly offer tips. This way, they are pretty much guaranteed to get feedback and it's really convenient for all of us.
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