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This week, the admins and I chose artworks based on the theme: "Most Detailed" along with a description of why it fit the theme. The idea was that the artwork could be filled with small intricate details that improved the picture. We hope you enjoy these artworks! ^^

Bears 1 by KyleWilcoxVisualArt "Because it looks like it would take a very long time to draw all those diamonds ^^ the diamonds are also not just one color for the grass and the trees but various shades of that color. "

The Broken Heart Disease by Shelbo117 "This truly is detail. Each strand of hair is visible. The pierced heart, seems to pop. The detail with the pen and sharpie, is incredible. I think this piece is the very word in detail. "

:thumb321655143: "This has some extreme detail! It looks so real it almost looks a picture."

Candlelights by ZeroGravitation12345 "The lighting is very detailed in this picture."

The Dark knight by ElAsmek "I'm just amazed by the sheer number of interesting details in this piece. It's not overdone at all--instead it makes the artwork look awesome!"

:thumb320412376: This is my choice. The use of hatching for the shading is so very well done A great deal of work and effort went into creating the details in this piece."

Big Sky by musaem "I would like to select this because of the immense feeling of space mingled with limitless time. Though it is very simplistic, it holds a powerful feeling- not to mention the skillful movement of the hair and the shape of the clouds. "

when they left by SwampCat025 "I would like to select this one because of the interesting composition and perspective. Though this image is also very simplistic, its very beautifully and skillfully done. I love the shape of the girl's legs and the details of her shirt."

Mon Cherry by TheJoanaPADJ "I'll choose this one because of the great details of the hair!"

Soft Pastel Landscape  AMASRA  small port by blackblacksea "I feel the the details this artist has managed to create by using textures with pastels is truly amazing."

Tree by smmiller09 "This is an amazing drawing because the details in it really completes the look of such a realistic landscape and of trees."

:thumb322819243: "In this drawing, the hair and details of the face really make it realistic. The expression is really nicely drawn with small strokes also."

Now, in addition to featuring all these wonderful pieces this week, I wanted to do a bonus feature of an artist. I stumbled across this deviant when our admins suggested these pieces this week and thought that he deserved a feature:

KyleWilcoxVisualArt :iconkylewilcoxvisualart: KyleWilcoxVisualArt
This deviant's pieces are what I think is the meaning of detailed. In addition to his one piece featured here, these are some of his other masterpieces:
Spiral #1 by KyleWilcoxVisualArt Tangled Vines #12 by KyleWilcoxVisualArt Pattern Combination 1 by KyleWilcoxVisualArt Mirage #1 by KyleWilcoxVisualArt

Since his artwork fitted this volume's theme so well, I hope you will all take the time to go check out the rest of his amazing gallery as well as the other deviants and pieces featured here :D

Also, I wanted to add a congratulations to the winner of our "Slogan Contest": Lost-Crazy-Diamond here: feel-art.deviantart.com/journa… with the slogan "Art is nothing without emotion"

Until next time, good bye! :)
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Thank you soooo much for featuring me! :iconrainbowtearplz: :iconbrohugplz: