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All admins start off as contributors and will be promoted to co-founders if they are active.
If you are interested in starting off as a co-founder, please ask. I will invite you as one, but you can be demoted if not active as an admin.

Contributors Will Be:
  • Suggesting artworks, deviants, or groups for our Feel-art Features and Spotlights of the Month. Some of them can also volunteer to write some of the journal entries we have.
  • Help with submissions to the gallery
  • Main judges in our contests
  • Helping me with new ideas in the group as well as tailoring the group rules and other revisions in the group

Along with the additional responsibilities above,
Co-Founders Will Be:
  • Voting on gallery submissions & affiliate requests
  • Working more closely with me to help organize events.
  • Writing journal entries and coordinating contests.

Admins Need To:
  • Have patience will newer members and be able to speak kindly and clearly with people who break group rules
  • Have a basic knowledge of any type of art in our gallery
  • Have deviations in their gallery

Admins' Special Privileges:
  • Admins get to submit two submissions per day and their submissions are automatically approved.
  • Admins get to suggest however many artworks of their own to be featured in our "Supporters, Donators, and Staff Artworks" folder in our "Hall of Fame":…

We're always in need of more admins, so please send us a note if you're interested! It would help us quite a lot.
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I can become an admin (specifically, co-worker). I am a very hard worker, and am the founder of an art collection group, and co-founder and critic in the group :iconrising-artists:. I would love to help around this group and would be happy if you would invite me! :D
juhessica's avatar
That would be great! We would love to have you (:
I'll send you an invite now. After that, you can check in the admin area to catch up with what we're up to. We look forward to seeing your feedback!
James--Steele's avatar
Thank you very much! :D
juhessica's avatar
No, thank you :)
Lucky101212's avatar
I'd be happy to help out if you're still in need :)
juhessica's avatar
Of course! Thank you so much for volunteering! I'll invite you now.

After the invite, check out the "Admin Area" to catch up with what we're doing (:
Lucky101212's avatar
Great, thanks! :)
juhessica's avatar
No problem! We look forward to seeing your feedback!
divafica's avatar
Hey! :wave:
I love to write blogs like this one: [link] for groups that I'm a co-founder/etc. of.
If you'd like that, I would love to do it for your group! :aww:
juhessica's avatar
Sure! Are you interested in being an admin then? They can volunteer to write those journal entries :D
divafica's avatar
Of course! :love:
I'd love it if you'd invite me, and let me know how often you want the blogs. I'd much rather be a co-founder, if that's okay since I can only be an admin of three groups.
juhessica's avatar
(: Ok alright!

Thanks again! Just check out the "Admin Area" after the invite to catch up with what we're doing
divafica's avatar
Okay, could I be a co-founder?
juhessica's avatar
Oh, well you see. The founder of this group handed over the position to me and made me a co-founder. This way, the co-founder in the group is me and the feel-art donation account.

That means that the co-founder equals the founder in this group.

Also, I don't want the admins to necessarily be in positions higher than others so they are all contributors (:
Are you ok with that? :)
divafica's avatar
Oops, sorry about the note I sent you!
I sent it early, that's fine! :love:
How often would you like the blog?
juhessica's avatar
Oh that's alright xD
I'll reply to your note regarding that
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patduffy's avatar
Hi here come the questions. lol I went to the admin area and started reading the journals there. I was wondering am I suppose to go into the manage members area and do anything there?

Do you have certain admins doing particular duties such as features, submissions ect. I wanted to find out what duties you would like for me to do on a daily basis to get started. It looks like all permissions outside of the journals are closed to me. I just wanted to find out for sure what I'm allowed to do in that area.
juhessica's avatar
No, the manage members area is just for the founder (:

We don't have certain admins with jobs, they just try to help out wherever they can. You don't need to do anything too much on a daily basis, but if you are interested, I would say sign up for our upcoming journal newsletter :)
patduffy's avatar
Thank you so much for letting me know.
juhessica's avatar
No problem (: Hope to see your feedback on some of our ideas in the "Admin Area"
justanyonearound's avatar
Hmm, it might be interesting to be an admin cause I do traditional art and stuffs like manga.. but, can they participate in a contest-provided that they don't judge for the contest?
juhessica's avatar
Yeah, sure (: I could arrange that. Would you like to be a specialist for traditional art?
justanyonearound's avatar
I ... don't think I'm up to that standard, tho.. What d'ya think?
PS:I'm always here to help:)
juhessica's avatar
Hmm, I think that you are up to my standard but it's up to you. Are you active on da? (:
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