sweet blades

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she had a knife in one hand
 and an apple in the other
she could have been either
one, really. sweet and bright
or cold and painful.
but why would that matter to
her? she's blood and bone
wrapped in skin. there's no
core to grow or a blade to
slice it down.
maybe she's tired and that's
why she thinks of this.
thinks of sweetness and blades.
sweet blades.

she was just hungry.

so she took the knife in her
hand and let it meet the apple
in her other. blade against
skin. red skin against silver
metal. they became friends - or
at least she thought they did,
seeing the apple let the knife
inside it's skin so it wouldn't
have to be cold metal anymore.
it was still metal and it was
still painful but it was warmer
and sweeter now. it was home.
the apple was a house. but like
people houses grow old and
break down. the apple didn't
grow anymore. the cold child
wrapped in red ribbons tore
the house down.

the apple fell to pieces.
she ate every one.
the knife on the counter
grew cold
today in creative writing club we were told to either write about things we didn't know about or doing mundane things.
its fun trying to make things seem less mundane. for once i'm quite happy with myself
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