globes that can't stay still

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words are a mystery that start from one person
formed through joy and pain. birth and destruction
 and the words would be passed down
                      and down
              and down
                   until they're barely
 the same anymore.
they're not broken or deformed. just rounded.
the edges aren't edges. fits the puzzle but
there's still gaps between each piece. even so
it makes something complete yet incomplete.
               it won't be, anyways. not when
the globes keep rolling off the table.
but when they keep still what you see
                       is an entire universe
one of happiness. pain. each person sees a different
universe but really they hear
                         the same words
words that often aren't in place.
words that always change
                       into different worlds.
trying to mold into place and blend in but they're
never the right color
 the universe tries to move in sync with them
and in the end it's life and death
                                       but wonderful
do you ever just stop and think sometimes
about words. just words in general. how they don't really fit anywhere but they still try to mold around us and how the things they do around us are more than we take for granted. how with the words laced in the blood on our lips we can build a fortress. kill an army. go to hell and back. don't you think about this constant change of words that constantly change us as people and the world around us
don't you think it's terrifyingly wonderful
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