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so you look me in the eye and tell me you love me
and maybe i'm the idiot, but i just don't seem to understand
love is devotion. love is soul searching. love is knowing someone in and out and embracing it. you, hino eiji, don’t seem to get any of this.
don’t tell me you love me when you call me out for being selfish
don’t tell me you love me when you throw me aside for the life of some guy who barely knows your name
don’t tell me you love me
when you throw my life on the ground
and tell me it doesn't mean anything to you
you see, there’s a thing called being alive and it came with borrowing this used up body. no one told me it would be this beautiful, not even you, the one with years of practicing
you probably must have assumed that i really was breathing all these years. that you could catch my breath and suffocate me
well i don’t want to be manipulated by you. i can’t have your fingers between mine when you don’t know what the marks i made with them ever meant.
-to the boy who ripped my throat out

ok lemme explain:
this is pretty much like fanfiction except its a poem. its about my otp from kamen rider ooo and they've pretty much taken over my life and they made me write this a few days ago.
this was written in ankh's perspective. ankh is a monster who released himself from an 800 year old seal but only revived as a right arm and then possessed the body of a comatose detective. while he was still a monster he had really dulled senses but after possessing the detective's body he started experiencing real senses and real emotion. hino eiji is the kamen rider and ankh chose to give him the rider belt for the sake of them not being dead at the end of the first episode. long story short they only stay together for each other's benefit (ankh stays to restore his medals, eiji stays to save lives) and they have this bond with a kickass dynamic and they understand each other the most but they're at crossroads with each other all the damn time
dont judge ok they've taken over my life entirely i ship them too hard
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