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Some Web [2007]

Web-Design Practice.


Arrows at the top left side: brushes belong to paulw

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I am not good with the english but i try. Is possible to make me a web design, not the code, only the idea and images? Is to mi web of drawers, is how a forum, but in this web the people send messages and win points per draw. Is a spanish web. From southamerica, méxico, and Spain. My web is I know you dont work free, but i can pay you for your work. I pay people before, and i pay you if you can help me. Bye.
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Dear Fedrick..  can I use this to my paper for middle exam ? I'll give your link in image reference .. 
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In the Spanish? 
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no, it's Latin. 
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so awesome idea but not exactly good realization  
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lol girl )) this is 8 years old )) are u kidding me? )) 
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nope. i love it :)
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good design but, does it work, its responsive?
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dude this is 8 years old, check the submission date, iPhone wasn't eve released yet.
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basically, deviantart rankings are bullshit
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I'm sorry, it's like OCD, i just can't help it...
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Great Job. Congrats.

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