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I was surprised to find that this category didn't exist yet.
This is no longer the case, thanks to :iconmoonbeam13: we have an appropriate category for xWidget :D

Customization > Skins & Themes > System Monitoring > xWidget…

We're moving xWidgets to this category now, you might get some notes

Info: XWidget is a free desktop customization platform. It’s light, handy with powerful visual widget editor and very smooth animations.

Official website:
(Oh and before anyone asks, no, I'm not abandoning Rainmeter)

Thanks, if there are any concerns about the customization sector, please let me know in the comments!

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Omnimo Desktop Contest WINNERS

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 1, 2013, 1:27 PM


After a little over two weeks, the Omnimo 6.0 Desktop Contest is officially over. We received almost 60 terrific entries. Thank you everyone who participated, it was quite difficult picking out the best ones. Me and Xyrfo did the honors of picking them out. And here they are:

Congratulations to the winners!
And remember, participation always counts

View all of the entries

[ended] Omnimo 6 Release +$100 Contest

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 16, 2013, 12:30 PM
+ $100 Desktop Contest

Ladies and Gentlemen

After almost 18 months, we're finally proud to announce
The Grand release of Omnimo 6.0.
The biggest
Most important
And likely, the last major update
In the lifecycle of this project.

Life's circumstances have a tendency to change rapidly, and indeed, both of us (me and Xyrfo) had experienced rather significant changes which kept us from activelly working on this project. We started it as we were teenagers, but we've grown up and our new lives have begun. Perhaps Omnimo is a tribute to this transition; a hobbyist project that had become more serious with every release. We put our faith in the hope that our efforts were not in vain, and that the long wait had been worth it.

In our previous releases, we hesitated making the changelog out of fear that we won't cover everything that we've worked on. Incidentally, it's also the case for Omnimo 6.0 - we've improved it so much, I don't even know where to begin describing it. Instead, I'll leave it up to you to see and experience the new features.

In the next several weeks, I will try to produce a series of Informational bulletins that will showcase some of the features, both obvious and hidden - revolving around this new version.

TL;DR: It's here

Meanwhile, to celebrate the Grand Release,
we're officially announcing a contest:


We like to see how people use Omnimo, and even more so the interesting ideas people come up with. There had been similar contests before which were quite fun. This time we have fantastic prizes!

Omnimo must be used as the centerpiece
Do not use any age inappropriate material on your desktop
You may enter up to 3 screenshots
Screenshots must be preferably PNG and submitted to Customization>Screenshots>Windows
To enter, post a comment with the link or thumbnail to your Deviation in the comments section of this journal
Do not use multiple DeviantArt accounts to get more entries


Your desktops will be judged both by us and by the community. There won't be a specific standard of measurement for quality or originality, so pretty much everyone has a chance of winning.

The best desktops may be subject to a voting / poll, for 3 days after the contest is over. Winners will be announced after 2 weeks and 3 days from now, prizes to be paid in cash by PayPal transfer (can be negotiated if you don't have PayPal), we'll be spending a whooping $100 out of our lunch money for the prizes:

Let the games begin, may the odds be ever in your favor.
And remember: participation matters.

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Hey guys, I haven't written anything in a while, just thought I'd update my journal with the essentials.

As some of you probably heard, I recently graduated college in Denmark and received my degree as a Multimedia Designer :D
Although I think I've learned more about design in these years here on DeviantArt making projects and such, the experience of studying in Denmark and expanding my circle of friends was certainly worth it. This was one of the main reasons why I've been rather inactive lately, the other reason being is that I'm working full time in London right now. 

But not to worry, my side-projects are all up and running. This includes Omnimo, me and Xyrfo went back on track recently and we're close to an internal beta test. Those pesky TextItems won't fix themselves though (we did have an infrastructure upgrade, again.).

In addition to Omnimo, I'll have 2 interesting projects coming up soon. Won't spoil much, but one is web-based, somewhat similar to the infamous Windows Update prank, but cooler. And the other one is a desktop-customization project that may just change the way you use wallpapers :)


Now about the Download button issue. We heard you, you wanted the download button to be more visible and less confusing. 
Seems like an overwhelming amount of people agree that the current state of the download button is rather ridiculous.

I'll address this issue with the top people on DeviantArt, and hopefully it's something that can be resolved quite soon.

Thank you for voicing your opinion. And if there are any other concerns about the website or the community in general, please let me know ^^


Customizer feature of the Month

I want to dedicate this month's personal feature to our Customization superman,


In the last 30 days, he released so many high quality customization resources, that it's hard to count. Do check them out, they're marvelous!

<da:thumb id="374349281"/><da:thumb id="374559824"/><da:thumb id="374954997"/><da:thumb id="376235060"/><da:thumb id="378650561"/><da:thumb id="379748440"/><da:thumb id="381714201"/><da:thumb id="380281415"/><da:thumb id="376235831"/><da:thumb id="372243813"/>

DDs I've given out recently

<da:thumb id="369013100"/> PotPlayer Skin - Metro.X by Zem0s Heart's Desire by redix90<da:thumb id="373453243"/> Molecular: Simple theme for Rainmeter by SolarPhoton<da:thumb id="181250858"/> GNOME-Shell - Google+ by half-left
Bluejaku V5 update 11/11/2013. by charleston2378 cntr by Crosseout Clearscreen Sharp for Windows7 by K-Johnson White Walker Suite by andredk Mild by msergt lear-lite winamp skin v0.7 by dr-grizscald

Please don't forget to suggest a DailyDeviation if you find something awesome!

Shouts out to:
:iconntim007: :iconpica-ae: :iconbeccajs: :iconwifun2012: :iconspriteclad: :iconelalition: :iconthepanda-x: :iconlexuzieel: :icontaichou-henk: :iconxyrfo:

P.S. The SOTQ Voting should start on #Rainmeter soon, keep an eye out.

This message has been reviewed and approved by the NSA
PSA: Rainmeter Skin of The Month is now going to be known as Rainmeter Skin of the Quarter.

More specifically, there will be a competition of sorts from the Rainmeter skins released in Q2 of this year (April 1st - June 30th). Why am I telling you this? Because there's still plenty of time to create (or polish) cool new skins for the competition. We're going to make this a bit more interesting by offering prizes:

1st Place: 300 :points:
2nd Place: 200 :points:
3rd Place: 100 :points:

And remember, a skin doesn't have to be complex to be good. Sometimes even the simplest skins are the best!
The voting will begin in July.

Stay tuned for more contests (there will be a contest widget on my page)


Original Journal Link:…

After some discussion we have decided to bring back Skin of the Quarter. This is a reincarnation of our old Skin of the Month contests, just a bit more spread out.

The plan so far is to have a one month nomination period after each quarter of the year. We will only be accepting nominations of skins that were submitted to DeviantArt within that quarter of the year. We're hoping this will encourage the creation of new skins. Because of a limitation to the number of items we can place on a single pole, we the moderators reserve the right to whittle down the competition before voting.

After nominations are closed we will have one week of voting. There may even be a prize for the winner.

As of this blog the rules are as follows:
  • A Skin of the Quarter must be released during the time period of the poll.
  • There is a technical limit of 10 suggestions per poll. Suggestions exceeding this limit may be decided upon by the moderators.
  • You cannot suggest your own skins or suites.
  • The suggestion must be uploaded to deviantART and must be available in the .rmskin format.
Look for more information around July.


Is it someone New?

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 25, 2013, 11:44 AM

Nope, still me :D

However, I'm proud to announce that I've been assigned the position to moderate the Skins & Themes sector of this community. 

To brief you on what I'll be possibly doing over the next few months, I compiled a compact list and a series of TL;DRs:

1. Now, one of my main tasks will be to assign Daily Deviations. I hope to feature as many high quality customization works as I have the capacity to, but for that I'll also need your help. If you find a deviation, no matter how old; but something that has extraordinary vision or quality, please send me a note. I will judge it not by personal taste, but by the overall impact, so don't take it close to heart if I don't feature some stuff, after all, not everything can be a DailyDeviation ;)

TL;DR Suggest a daily deviation by legalcrime

2. Contests have always been an important pillar in the customization community. Perhaps there aren't as many as there used to be, but I'll try to organize (and help organize) more of them. One of the biggest upcoming customization contests will be the Omnimo Desktop Tournament. I know, I know, I shouldn't be discriminatory about what stuff people should use for entries. But this contest will be held to celebrate the release of Omnimo 6, which is still quite a big deal for me and Xyrfo. 
Aside from that, there will be other contests, desktop contests, screenshot contests, as for prizes, well, depends on the amount of time I can go without eating ;) (Ideas for contests are welcome!)

TL;DR There Will Be Contests

3. Did you know that you can help improve the way this website works? I've been told that the DeviantArt administration (who consider the Skins & Themes sector to be of paramount importance to DeviantArt, more important than my little pony and anime, imagine that!) will take any community concerns very seriously. If you have reasonable, sound and logical suggestions about how to improve this website, feel free to contact me. I will also be holding a series of discussion threads where any of these problems can be addressed.

TL;DR: Community Voice

All of this might sound a bit too ambitious for a start. Please remember that this is volunteer work, I don't really get any benefit from this. I'll try my best, but I can't promise everything.



Hey guys, I'm sure the lot of you are waiting for an update to Omnimo. It's in progress and I hope to push it somewhere around April. However, the development is going slowly because of two reasons - lack of time, and lack of ideas.

The problem is that me and ~Xyrfo worked so intensively on the previous editions of Omnimo, that we literally exhausted all of Rainmeter's capabilities. We sure did like to push Omnimo to the limits, and I'm not about to stop this tradition. So I'm turning to the community to find out what is it exactly that you'd like to see in Omnimo 5.5 / 6.

To give you a brief idea of what we'll have in the new Omnimo so far:

> Dramatic performance improvement with the help of resources method
> Lots of default Panels updated
> ~30-50 New Panels*
> Changes to reflect Windows 8 RTM
> Simplified Interface
> New and super-simple TextItems day customizer
> Tweaks to other TextItems
> More Extras
> 2 new DLCs
> A few new customization options
> New themes, etc.

And possibly, more. So please post your suggestions here to potentially make the new version of Omnimo even better :)
Also, please post any bugs that you want corrected!

Psst.. There will be a new Desktop Contest with awesome prizes on the week of release
Hey watchers,

I know you haven't heard from me in quite a while. I must say, I've been rather preoccupied with my education. I know I promised an Omnimo update, but unfortunately that will have to wait a bit for a good reason. You're probably wondering what I'm doing now that I don't have time to update something as important as Omnimo..

This is a really exciting and busy time in my life; my university has arranged for me to work at a security company in London, which is basically my two month internship. So here I am. In London. Doing what I love and what I'm good at :)
I thought working at an office would be boring and tiresome, but it's no worse than sitting near a computer at home. Though they sure like to keep me busy up to my head. I'd sure love to tell about my experiences here, but I'll save that for after ~two months, a post that will also feature my newly discovered passion (spoiler: it's photography)


P.S. Are there any Londoners here?

Translators for Omnimo 5.0 wanted again / Info

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 8, 2012, 2:05 AM
Info / Translations / Stats

Well, we promised to release Omnimo somewhere in the end of March and the beginning of April, but we're forced to delay this a little bit. And for a good reason. In the last few weeks the momentum of development has really increased. We did more things than in the previous months combined and I think you'll be quite pleased with results.

As we're nearing completion we decided to freshen up the translations a bit. Most of the "visible" default interface is now localized, which should be enough for most people. We managed to find most of the previous translators for languages, but unfortunately some became unreachable, and we also want to add several new languages. If anyone could translate to one of these that would be great:








And these languages we want to revive:


(90% finished, translating only a few strings)

Everyone who contributes a translation will get the contrib pack of course, and your name will be visible on the language selection screen. If you know this language and have even the slightest interest in Rainmeter, please send me a note and we can negotiate the conditions if you have any :)


On a side note, ~Xyrfo made some really awesome stuff detailing the development of Omnimo:

And check out the live stats:

Oh and Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates! :D

1M Downloads and Github

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 29, 2012, 5:03 AM

This day marks a special milestone of achievement for the developers of Omnimo. A humble project that started almost two years ago reached one million downloads today. Most of you probably don't know that this project was supposed to be much smaller. When I came up with the early concept in the middle of March, I intended it to have approximately 12 panels and several text items.
WIP - WP7 for rainmeter by fediaFedia
Omnimo: The Beginning

Nothing more. However, shortly after the concept, Xyrfo joined the project. And with our combined passion and ambition, as well as with some help from others, we managed to create the biggest Rainmeter suite ever. Xyrfo did some amazing stuff for the project. Things without which it would just remain but a dream of a madman. But he did it! For that, he deserves no less recognition than I do.

And of course, we would like to thank the community for all the support! You guys are awesome! Nothing motivates doing a project better than to see people use and enjoy the product. We're glad that we had the possibility to work without constraints. Something that could be taken away from us in the future (ACTA/SOPA etc ).

I asked Xyrfo to give a statement for this grand milestone, and here it is:

"...Why did I get dragged into this?..."
-Xyrfo* on January 26th
*Not cited, the quote is a guess, but approved by Xyrfo[1]

Github Announcement
To mark this special event, we created a github repository for Omnimo. This will make it easier for us to track issues, keep our development in sync, as well as open up the possibility for others to join the project. Currently we uploaded the existing version of Omnimo. I'm already starting to list recent bugs to fix for the next version. If you are on github and interested in taking part in this project, feel free to submit a pull request and do your modifications.

Repository link:

Right now, the entertainment industry is trying to push several acts which will change the face of the internet. As bad as this may sound, in my opinion, it's inevitable. For years we enjoyed the internet with absolutely no constraints or restrictions. A beautiful open world for creative individuals as well as people willing to share pirated content. This fairy tale is coming to an end. If we look at the last few years - we can see countless events where the entertainment industry has been trying to tighten the grip on internet piracy. Let's look at this comic from piratebay;

It's scary because this might be soon the reality. Except instead of banning someone from the internet, why not ban the entire website from the internet? Just in case this might repeat in the future
If SOPA/PIPA passes, the US government will have the right to take down any website on grounds of "Copyright infringement". Fair enough, I don't pirate, why should I care? -you say. Well, even right now we're on a website which consists entirely of user generated content. And DeviantArt has a pretty big copyright problem already with users posting stolen artwork all the time. Except under the new laws, this entire site can be blocked just because someone posted a GIF from the new Transformers movie. The same goes for youtube, tumblr, soundcloud and pretty much every website that allows user generated content.

I do not believe we can stop this.

Call me pessimistic, but for years I've been surprised how open the internet is. The fact is that the majority of the internet is owned by private organizations who pay for the servers. A lot of people are using the "internet is a human right" tactic. Well, I would like to believe that. But in my humble opinion, the internet is no more of a right than Digital Cable or Indoor Plumbing. It's a service which you have to pay for. This service is brought to you by spending tons of money on undersea cables, communication satellites, servers etc. It hasn't even existed for very long! Just that our society is so reliant on it, that any changes to the web might cause catastrophic consequences. As a analogy, I present you with GPS - the Global Positioning System. An excellent invention that's used by millions around the world. But is it a human right? I don't think so. Just like the internet, it's owned by the US government and can be modified\shut down at any moment, indefinitely.

Even if SOPA/PIPA don't pass, there will be new acts and attempts to take control of the internet. One interesting thing I read on reddit before it went down - the whole SOPA thing might be just a sham for something that's even worse. Some sort of a Protect Children from Internet Pornographers act. The brilliant thing about that plan is - who in congress will oppose it and risk being labeled as a pedophile supporter? It will be essentially the same as SOPA and it will be equally bad for all of us.

There is no stopping them. They have far too much money and like that comic said, their copyrights are worth more than our human rights. I just hope that people will stand up and go on the streets to protest this. But that won't solve the problem in the long term. Maybe the internet won't crumble overnight because of some stupid law, but I'm sure that a slow transition into censorship is what awaits us in the future. I'd say we're already at 25% of this transition, given the current events (even something as drastic as extradition of a website owner to the US… ).

By no means I support any of this. Just that I believe sooner or later we'll have to live with it.

Please share your thoughts and opinions on this. Perhaps I'm wrong about some things and it may not be all that bad.

TL;DR: Internet censorship is inevitable

I'm on Dribbble

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 9, 2012, 12:51 PM

Just got a Dribbble invite. I would like to thank `arrioch for inviting me! It's such an honor to be invited by a professional icon designer :D Check out his gallery for some amazing icon artwork.

What is Dribbble?

"Dribbble is show and tell for designers. Players share shots - small screenshots of the designs and applications they are working on." In other words, a community for designers to showcase their work, but only kinda (by using 400x300 images). A great source for design inspiration too!

Now what?

I'll be posting my design related side-projects there. My DeviantArt account has since long become a source for customization resources, so I just needed another place to post my design stuff (and I have quite a few of such projects, unseen by anyone before). I'll still be posting my regular submissions here on DeviantArt, but if you want to see my other creative side, feel free to follow me on Dribbble.

Here is my profile:

Debut shot:

What about Omnimo?

I have some interesting plans for the next version, unfortunately not enough new stuff/panels for a major version release. Let's wait till February and Windows 8 Public Beta. That should give me some stuff to work on, more specifically, interesting new Windows 8 Panels and functionality delivered to Omnimo.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day!


Journal Entry: Fri Jul 29, 2011, 8:00 AM

Hello everyone. It has been a while since I posted the "next revision" teaser showing off the improved Windows 8 look in Omnimo (screenshot below). I must say that I expected to release this update sooner, but I've been really busy lately. It's summer, you say? Well this could be very well my last summer in my hometown as I could be moving to Denmark for studies and there are a lot of things to take care of. The biggest burden for me so far was the driving theory exam, which I passed recently :D (Still need to prepare for the hardest practical part, though).
Anyway, after that I got a little more time to work on the Omnimo update.  It's a little bit more difficult as I no longer have help (~Xyrfo had to leave so he can study for his senior high school year), but I'll get there.

The planned 4.1 Update

So far the work has been going pretty smoothly. The panels are mostly done with an addition of two new panels made by Omnimo fans (to be included along with the pack). I'm thinking of dividing them into two Addon packs like I did with all installed panels to avoid the bloat (quot jsmorley: which is already measured in metric tons without the downloadable content). Of course I'll include them in the 50+, err 60+ pack too.
I'm currently not finished with the Windows 8 Shortcuts gallery, because there are quite a lot of apps to have shortcuts with...

Aside from the fixes, optimizations, new panels and other stuff, there's one thing you should be looking forward to in this next update: The Extras Gallery. That's right, the chaotic small "extras" which can only be accessed through the context menu will finally be categorized. I also added quite a few new extras which I think will be very useful.


I already addressed most of the community reported issues (although some are unresolvable), I was wondering if any of you found some issues that could be fixed in this version. Feel free to report a bug in the comments or send me an email at omnimosupport.

As usual, suggestions are welcome. New panel ideas? Some useful extra, perhaps something that isn't even related to Metro/Win8 but could be included anyway, I'm all ears. Last time I didn't get many suggestions, though...

Anything besides Omnimo...?

I'm glad you asked! The answer is yes, but not right now. Currently I chose to hold on to this project and keep enhancing it as it proved to be a incredibly useful resource for the customization community. And not only in the Windows 8/Metro UI aspect. In fact, my theory is that once Windows 8 will be released with the start screen, people will port it to windows 7 and Vista just like that. Kind of like the Windows Sidebar was ported to XP. So while Omnimo won't serve the purpose of being a Windows 8 resource, it will definitely be used by people who just want to customize their desktop regardless if it's to imitate a new OS or not. Did you know that most people who use Omnimo change the layout to something completely different? I was surprised to see that too, but I'm also glad that people make use of the customization freedom in this project we worked so hard to implement. As long as there will be demand, I'll keep this project alive. After it dies down a little, I guess I can go back to regular customization.


Now this is a project that deserves recognition for its delay. We completely halted it and turned our focus to Omnimo. Mostly because iShortcuts is nothing compared to Omnimo, and we are worried it will disappoint because feature wise, it's not that great. Who would want to replace their real-time desktop icons with a static but pretty looking Rainmeter based icons? I don't know, I wouldn't. However something tells me a lot of people would use it anyway. In fact, I get several comments per month asking about that project. If there will be demand for this project, I think I could restart it and release it. But in no way it will be a bang...


On a completely unrelated note - I recently started building a small media library for when (if) I go to Denmark. Does anyone know any awesome TV Shows and Movies which are an absolute must watch? I would appreciate if you could tell me.


Omnimo 4.1 Soon. Bugs or suggestions? Still want iShortcuts? Any good tv shows/movies?

That is all. Thanks for reading!

Omnimo skin competition [winners]

Journal Entry: Wed May 11, 2011, 11:40 PM

Contest is over
Well, we didn't receive many entries like last one, but some of the entries were incredible!

Poll Winners

1st prize: Permafrost by ~chrislangle
Smooth and professional, yet simple and elegant. A clear winner right here.

omnimo skins by milanioom
2nd prize: Omnimo skins by ~milanioom
A interesting and stylish execution. Well done!

Omnimo Contest Entry by balderoine
3rd prize: Omnimo skinning entry by *Balderoine
Professionally made Metro skin concepts (although not completely possible in Omnimo)

Developer's choice

Unfortunately due to the fact that we didn't receive many entries, we didn't really have much to chose from, this is why we're changing the rules a bit. Everyone who participated gets some points! I think that's fair for everyone, a small reward for your work :)

Competition was judged by:

:iconfediafedia: :iconxyrfo: :icontaichou-henk:

Participation always matters, even if you don't win, you may always get something!

IMPORTANT: Malware on DeviantArt

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 19, 2011, 11:10 AM

Update: This is what I'm talking about. Looks like DA admins WANT stolen/virus infected deviations in their gallery. I have no further comment

As most of you probably noticed, some troll has been stealing popular rainmeter themes and other skins, submitting them with a stealth Trojan. This has been going on for days, and the deviantArt administrators have proven to be either unable or unwilling to resolve this issue. I sent a note to Moonbeam13, director of community relations, which was epically ignored (though read). I can't believe how easy DeviantArt is being played, just ONE troll can cause such havoc in a entire customization community. This shows how completely unprotected deviantArt really is, remember the outside link login trick a few years back? Yeah that's why we have a outgoing page on every link now, even this: But at least it was resolved. I'm beginning to think that if just one low life hack can infect a bunch of noobs (plentiful on this site) more attacks are soon to follow. It's evident from the nature of the attacks, at first the asshole stole only a few skins, but then started stealing more and more, including Omnimo. You'll find a list of just a few deviations stolen on the bottom of this page. I'd like to thank jsmorley, varelse42 and karmat111 for continuous attempts to notify the community and administrators. Though so far, looking at the download counts and for how long deviations stay online the administrative response seems ineffective...

Warning and prevention

Basically to avoid getting infected - do NOT download any shady looking skins. Here's how to determine one:

> The comments are disabled
> The "artist" joined Today or this Week
> "Artist" has no avatar
> Comments are hidden on their page
> Skin looks familiar or too good to be his
> Filesize is too small
> Archive contains a .exe (there are almost NO skins that have a exe installer, remember that!)

More info:

Use to scan the archives, but keep in mind, that sometimes they're not detected!

Stolen and infected Deviations

:thumb205459613: :thumb205287434: :thumb205288224: :thumb205453427: :thumb205462624:
~GrieveLogs and ~fatalmmm have not been banned at the time of writing this journal. You can help by reporting the stolen deviations.

Note: The original deviations can be found by browsing this page:…

One Year Anniversary

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 28, 2011, 12:33 PM

Today is the 1 year anniversary since we released Omnimo. A humble project, which was intended to have no more than 12 blue panels turned out to be one of the most interactive and customizable Rainmeter suites ever! A little known fact, that Omnimo was originally supposed to be this… journal CSS, not the Rainmeter suite. However after showcasing the CSS we got the idea of putting it on the desktop too, and as you can see, it was a pretty damn good idea. Our project is now much more than a mere imitation of WP7 (which was the initial goal). With the incredible amount of configs and configuration options it gave Rainmeter users a completely new way to stylize their desktop. What surprised us the most, is that most people using Omnimo don't go for the default WP7 look which comes as standard - they usually customize it to their liking, so almost no desktop is alike with Omnimo. The development was a great challenge for us, we tried to deliver innovative solutions and features for the users' convenience. A great deal of time was spent making those. And to this day Omnimo remains one of the most complex Rainmeter suites ever made. I wish to thank everybody for contributing to its successful reception and especially to the people who donated!

3.2 Update and Exams

Currently workflow has came to a complete halt due to the fact that I'm currently busy with my upcoming exams and my foreign university application. However after this is sorted we plan on continuing our projects as well as releasing the much awaited 3.2 update to Omnimo which fixes some minor bugs and annoyances gathered from our email support survey. The biggest feature we'll try to revive is going to be languages, and this time done right - we'll include it with the product instead of making you download it through the site. One feature I'm looking forward to including in Omnimo is Aero Blur behind every panel - yes you read it right, Poiru recently informed me that this feature is in the works and it might be included in the latest Rainmeter beta!

iShortcuts and other projects

Like I mentioned before, currently the time isn't quite right to work on these, but this doesn't mean we won't continue working on those as soon as possible. I'm also looking into completing a certain Mac related customization item in the near future.

That is all folks!

Well this is a longshot, but anyway - this post is mostly addressed to developers of desktop apps. So here's the deal:
Mac OSX Lion is going to introduce the following feature borrowed from iOS:

What makes it special? Well nothing much really. However, this is something I, as a customizer (and probably lots of other people) would really like on a windows desktop. Sure, it's possible to recreate this in rainmeter, or AveDesk or whatever. But the key feature of this type of launcher is to have sliding homescreens, just like on the iPad/iPhone. The sliding wouldn't be the only feature, of course, there are also folders:

You don't have to tell me that this is impossible, there are plenty of apps which have scrolling elements, and shell icon replacements, just nothing really like this.
I think it's something that should be done eventually, just like most of the Mac OSX features get ported over to windows eventually, just want to give developers an idea.

I'm not sure how complex this project might be, but if it's done well, I think a lot of people would use it. To sum it up - it's basically a desktop icon replacement. Of course, it doesn't have to stop here, it can even be something like this:… as long as it's good looking like the apple one, of course.

Also do post your feedback regarding this idea.

Edit: Additional functionality of the actual OSX Lion desktop:
Icons show up on mouse double click (I think)
When the icons show up, the background is blurred


Journal Entry: Thu Jan 20, 2011, 8:26 AM
Contest is over / winners

Thanks to everyone for participating! The contest received more entries than we anticipated, a whooping 61 desktops! It wasn't easy picking the winners, since there were a lot of great desktops, but we have come to the following decisions... *drumroll*

Congratulations to ~reb70 for making one of the most original and eye pleasing compositions with omnimo. Who could have thought that Zune happens to look like metro too? :lol:

~computerdummy5's eye catching desktops received a lot of attention from the beginning, we wish to thank him for his effort by awarding the second prize :D

A complex yet unique composition by ~blissBOT which earned them the 3rd place :)

Prizes awarded:

» 1st place: 800 :points: goes to ~reb70
» 2nd place: 400 :points: goes to ~computerdummy5
» 3rd place: 200 :points: goes to ~blissBOT
Proof of transaction:…


Your desktops were judged by the overall originality and impact, comparing each aspect of every desktop. A group decision has been made to determine the winners.

The competition was judged by:

:iconfediafedia: :iconxyrfo: :icontaichou-henk:

Again, thank you everyone for joining! Participation always matters, even if you don't win.

tl;dr we'll have unofficial translations, help make at least a few popular languages before we ship

Although more people voted for removing the translations, we found a practical way of having translations, but also not having them. Let me explain.

We will not bundle the translations in omnimo, instead, the translations will be made into a self extractor and be made available for download. The translation is surface level, at best, but it covers most of the visual-only areas. Almost all panels and textitems coming with omnimo are translateable with a single universal language file as seen in Omnimo 2. The config tools won't be translated for obvious reasons. In my opinion, such a translation would be enough for anyone who understands english, but wishes to have their desktop in their native language. Full-localization would be impossible and impractical, also, who here doesn't know English at all? YOU don't? HOW ARE YOU READING THIS THEN?

Anyway, again, the translation will be just an addon, mostly unofficial. Just for those people who want at least a bare translation. Before launching, however, I want at least a few popular languages available for download.

If you happen to be a fan of this project, and you don't want to see translations die out, help us make a few translations. Your name will be credited on the download page and in the language changer.

Here is the language file:…
PS: Here are all the half translated versions from Omnimo 2 which might help a lot:…

BEWARE: it's very long, roughly twice the size as in omnimo 2.

For now, we'd like to have any translations, but especially French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese completed.

Already in progress: Russian, Finnish, Dutch, German

We'll upload up to 10 languages before release, and the rest will be uploaded later.
My cat just died, I feel terrible :(
Thank you for your condolences, I'm really glad that the internet has so many understanding people.

My cat was merely 4.5 years old, we found him on Easter abandoned on the streets, by pure coincidence, I think he was about a month old then.

Here is a video of him playing in my grandma's house (few weeks after being found):…

I shared some great experiences with my cat, I was never lonely, every time returning home, my cat was always happy to see me. And every night it would knead and purr before going to sleep. He loved sitting on my lap while I were on the computer, or just sitting behind the laptop screen and trying to catch my hand when I used the mouse.

My cat started having problems in spring, but we didn't take him to the vet, since we were able to cure him in about a day, and vets are extremely expensive here, given the recession. This time, however, it was too late. I diagnosed him with FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease). By the time it got serious enough, it was weekend, meaning no vets were open. I did all I could, giving him all sorts of treatments, but it was just a useless torture for my cat. I hoped he'd make it through the night but he didnt. He seemed quite calm, just the occasional vomiting or trying to pee. He died in my hands. It wasn't very peaceful, but at least he wasn't screaming or moaning, so at least I hope he died painlessly, more or less. It was a really awful and traumatizing experience to see him die [VERY GRAPHICAL, MIGHT NOT WANT TO READ FURTHER], after he was already dead, he would twitch and choke, making me think he's still struggling to breathe, after about a minute he'd even start to move like he's running, but it was a post-death nervous system shock...

I don't think I did all I could, so I have no choice but to blame myself for it's death. This makes it even harder on me.

However, in those 4.5 short years, my cat had a good life, he was loved, he was cared for. I think that's what matters in the end.

Here's the last picture of my cat taken yesterday (sorry for the quality):…

Rest in peace, my friend.