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[web-app] GeekTyper - An Awesome Hacking Prank by fediaFedia


Behold, dear watchers, another potentially dangerous prank that resides entirely in your browser.
Now I know it's not quite April the 1st yet, but I just couldn't help withholding this neat little project from you. 

Some of you might know about HackerTyper, a console where you can type anything with your keyboard and it will look like you're programming code. Pretty fun right? Now, we made it even better, with hollywood-esque graphics, animations and effects that enrich the whole experience. It's HackerTyper NEO

We also have several themes such as Umbrella Corp, Aperture Science, Black Mesa, SCP and others

:bulletred: BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE!
Depending on the reception of this project (and the server's capacity), me and :iconlexuzieel: will possibly make a more customizable version, where you can upload your own backgrounds, themes and code. And if anyone is interested in helping make this project even more terrific, do let us know!

All of the necessary information is on the website:

Comments / Suggestions / Opinions are most welcome!


Simone Masiero (original github location:…Lexuzieel, CommanderRylak (combine BG), SONY Entertainment, VALVe, iStockPhoto, SCP Project. If I forgot someone, please let me know.

PS There are eastereggs all over!
Please dont crash my website : <

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If all files are static, host it on GitHub pages so you don't have to worry about the server.…