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-share- all icons from 7048


4 new icons you've been waiting for!

256px ICO and PNG

Thanks to PandaX for giving me the dlls :)
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Headcrab not Princess Celestia Icon Profile 
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Windows GIF: Scan Computer Windows XP vs random Clapping Pony Icon - Rainbow Dash 
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:iconpinkiepiewaitwutplz: What do you need these for?
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Nothing. I just liked them. I'm rather random :iconpinkiepiederpplz:
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All icons from Windows 7 Bulid 7048 :)
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Very nice icons
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Thank you for sharing, ~fediaFedia, but I'm still loving Vista icons much more, anyway. :love:
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Hey, thanks very much for sharing these! ;) :thumbsup: :+fav:!
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Nice to see that the control panel icon has changed, too bad the icons look too cartoonish vista's icons were more 3d and real like but who knows they probably are gonna look awesome on RTM
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They look like they're supposed to match the Live icons.
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No not really, I just found out the purpose of the icons being that way. And yes they also introduced them with the Wave 3 icons ;)
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Thanks for sharing!
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It's a bit Office12-ish....
I think those icons aren't fit with the 'shiny-blue-glassy' windows 7 aero theme,

btw look at my blueshine project [link]
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is bit of Office 2007
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simply... but great...
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great icons 10x 4 sharing
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Little writing mistake there, it's 7048, not 4078, but nice work :) I hope the x86 version will be leaked soon, I get my PC back tomorrow :D
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lol, 4078 is like longhorn xD
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