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iShortcuts for Rainmeter WIP


So this solution is until (if ever) someone creates an actual fully functional app as I described in my recent journal.

Me and Xyrfo decided to recreate this for rainmeter. What started out as just a bunch of icons is now a highly customizable and functional icon suite. Complete with automatic resolution-aware icon rearranging (xyrfo pushing rainmeter to it's edge again).

Must say, this turned out better than expected, and I think a lot of you will like its functionality as well as its looks.

The only thing we can't be sure about is folders.

Comments and suggestions are welcome!

P.S> That's actual aero blur behind the icons

Also I included some of the graphics, in case anyone who's interested in making the real thing wants them.
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Xlaunchpad... Search it
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Our project inspired it. In fact, there are 3 projects like this one that actually were released.
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Well if you manage to make it lighter than the other projects you will have my help in translation :)
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WHY WON'T U FINISH IT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
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please wallpaper link thanks
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Try Winlanch or Xlaunch
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Thank you sooooo much. :-)
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~MrC0rrupted made an awesome app that does this: [link]

Note: I'm using the prerelease build, which you can find here:


some icons may not work (copied the config from my computer)

not a virus
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Here I have a can be installed skin Rainmeter.
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can i add this in lion skin pack?(sure with your creadit)
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Oh my god.

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Too hard to put in a skinpack I think !! =D
You should add a rainmeter finderbar for Lion SP & a rainmeter menubar for Ubuntu...
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i dont haved send to my email
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it doesn`t work on my PC, Rainmeter doesn`t detect it
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Because it's not released (and won't be), read the description.
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Very nice work, Can you permission me port it to XWidget ? thanks :)
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send me after port for add in lion skin pack
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