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October 12, 2009
iPhone clock for rainmeter by =fediaFediaIt's such a simple concept and yet really effective at making your desktop look kick ass. I don't expect anything less from fediafedia ;-)
Featured by mrrste
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iPhone clock 2.0 for Rainmeter


Decided to update this. If it has to be a Daily Deviation, at least it's gonna be premium quality now.

Everything is updated. Instructions included, make sure to check the new readme!!! Ready versions for almost all resolutions included.

Added 3 translations! (German, Russian, Lithuanian)
Portuguese translation added (by ~joaor10)

I actually did this about a month ago just for my personal use, released by request. The idea was inspired by the iPhone UI, images and the code were made by me from scratch with the help of this manual: [link]

Comments are welcome!

Edit: DD? OMG, thanks, ^mrrste!
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DubaiBunniesUAE's avatar
Tks very much for your post.

You also find all Wallpaper iphone at link at the end of this post.

Source: Spiderman Wallpaper iphone

Best rgs
seacker's avatar
Amazing, nice job
chop007's avatar
Wow, you are a machine thank you for all your work, it must have taken you ages to design all of these that are in your gallery. Epic, what a legend, thanks.
thank you~~~
rakila's avatar
great job dude.. B-)
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awesome skin, I was wondering if theres a way to fix 12hr time so theres no "0" in front of the time. so from "05:00" to "5:00". If anyone has suggestions, thanks
ulikethat104's avatar
I tried that in measure =time and its a no go for me.
ulikethat104's avatar
alright I got it! for anyone with this problem use "#" so %#I:%M

thanks for the help fediaFedia!
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Very nice work, Can you permission me port it to XWidget ? thanks :)
fediaFedia's avatar
Ask Xyrfo. Though I personally wouldn't like that. Instead of finding things to port, try creating your own skins...
xwidgetsoft's avatar
Thanks your advice. Because I am developer not designer,so I can not create nice image resources :(
yayme's avatar
How do I make the clock numbers bigger? I want to slim it all the way but, the numbers get too small?
thaks but where is the download?
thaks but where is the download?
jcomix's avatar
is this for mac. i am new to mac. :(
fediaFedia's avatar
kHinsch's avatar
Aah now i found it :D
kHinsch's avatar
Where can i find the translation ?
Javstar's avatar
Are you a designer in everyday work? You really should think about pursuing that. You have a lot of talent man!
Keep up the great work!
fediaFedia's avatar
Thanks, but, well, this particular work doesn't really reflect much of talent or original design :P
Eddy29's avatar
Great idea. :) :+fav:
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