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Windows Seven Gadgets BETA

By fediaFedia
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You can download and test some of the gadgets that may be included in the seven project!

Please tell your suggestions and report bugs, any help would be appreciated.

(Before you ask, I can't make the dock spin)

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It straight up stops the program before it even loads
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when i downloaded this, it tried to give me a virus
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wow this bice its like future or something and that is also what i'm seeing in windows 8 concepts
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amazing, thanks for making them
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For some reason, after I unzipped it, and then tried to start them, it would say that it has stopped working and would close.
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Right click, and in properties select compability mode for Windows XP. These are crappy anyway, they only look good.
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Thats the thing though. I have 7
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Would it be possible for you to make a set of icons ^^?
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Get them on vistaicons.com
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Is it just fantastic
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Hi guys those having probs with running this under winows 7 32bit
as fediaFedia said try to run it in compability mode under windows XP service pk 3
works fine for me.
thanks ediaFedia
Regards NI
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its not work with me why
do u have to download something so i can have that
i use windows 7 premium
please i am waiting ur info
thanx advance
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I can turn this off everytime?
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What do you mean?
You can close it and/or delete it any time
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it works on windows 7 ultimate? i`m having some trouble here, i can`t install on my O.S. (windows 7 ultimate)
could you help me?
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compability mode
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how? i`m not much experient with this =S
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i see ....it's ;)
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wow men this is amazing can´t believe it

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:+fav:ed and Downloaded
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