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Windows 'Seven' Dock DX

By fediaFedia
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This is a simple Windows "Seven" style launcher. (DesktopX)
(It doesn't spin)

Download newer version of the dock: [link]

Fade, tooltips, glow on hover.
Application paths:
Windows Live Mail
Internet (globe)
Recycle Bin
Windows Media player
Movie maker
Control Panel


Comments and feedbacks are welcome! :)

More "Seven" stuff to come soon!
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Я,да и не только я,наверное, непользуюсь Виндовскими - Windows Media player,Movie maker,Search,Windows Live Mail - заменил их на другие проги.Если можно было заменить их и на Dock-е то было бы coooооооооооооооооооооl ,а так очень прикольная но,извени,бесполезная штучка .
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Uzasnaja stuka, ktoto sdelal stoto na podobeje tolko normalno. Poishi na google.
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its coool, I liked thanks
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Nice widget man :)
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If only Seven really came with it :C
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wait, ive had a round dock like almost exactly like this, but it could spin when u scroll with it from your mouse. i forget where i got it cause i havent had in forever.
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I think its called Circular dock, it was inspired by this idea (AlckO's)
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how do you actually download it like where do you put it and stuff :P
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Download, extract it to any folder and run :O
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yeh but it comes up saying it wont work
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If it's vista, right click, go to properties and select run in windows XP compability mode
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aiite cheers dude :), if it works ill defs fav and comment again cuz the pic looks sweet
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Nice job. But I'm sticking to CircleDock, it spins and I just love me some eye candy :P
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hey there... i want to uninstal seven dock from my computer could you help me with that? I instaleed a fresh copy of windows 7 - Vienna, and i don't like seven dock... no offense, it looks good but my pc is a little old for that hi tech...
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Since when does this have a installer? :o
Just delete the folder with this dock.
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You..my good sir..are a genius.
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Can i change any shortcuts?
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I love it. Im currently Using i just had to mess with the compatibility. :)
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hi fediafedia! any tut for desktopx? i don't use use movie maker and i want to change it to my autocad 07 change recycle bin to others apps like staad or cs2. i really like your win7 dock. i hope i could learn how to use desktopx and edit your win7 to suit my needs.

thanks and great job :)
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