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Windows Aero Beta for WB

Windows Aero for XP WindowBlinds 6.0 only!


Perfect Styler toolbar: [link] and apply it.

Styler program: [link]

Original Idea and theme by JuanPerez, all credits to him. This is a minor edit of his style, added perfect aero glass frame fixed clear taskbar to normal taskbar.

Not to use as default theme! Because all windows will be with the fake navigation bar, I recommend a per-application setting in WindowBlinds: open wbconfig, then go to settings > Change the look of app, then add a per application setting, browse to a exe you want to be skinned with this theme (for example explorer: C:\Windows\explorer.exe), then select to use a specified skin, and set it to use Windows Aero. Save changes and restart explorer. From now on only explorer apps will be skinned, other applications like word, paint will be normal (Aero Ultimate as default recommended). You can do the same with jake's apps: Games Explorer [link] and control panel which will be released soon.

When maximized it will go buggy
All explorer elements will be skinned - including taskbar settings, copy\move\delete dialogs etc.
No navigation*

For solving navigation problems in explorer download Windows Aero Styler [link] and apply it.


Comments are welcome!
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In all seriousness, how is this windows xp? it's incredible

Hehehehehe YOU CANT STOP ME IM USING WINDOW BLINDS 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nvm it worked but it looks terrible

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fediafedia please help mine WB doesn't work my theme just turns into classic :( plz help!!!
where can i find the window blinds?
how to download this one? i like it
Uhmm, how do I get it transparent, like in vista?
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hey i have a nice suggestion hope you like its not to your skin but to settings in explorer you can make the whole path show in titlebar you can set it in folder options :)
I tried this WB Skin in my computer but it doesn't works :S

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You have activated WindowBlinds?
Yes, but it doesn't works ):
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Your video card doesn't support it then
But I have tried it in 3 computers, and it doesn't works ):

Ok don't worry ;)
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There is nothing wrong with my skin
no, im not saying that, ( i love your skin ) but in my pc doesn't works :)
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Possible reasons:
1. Your WindowBlinds copy is pirated

That is all
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great skin. but I get a bug in this.. that taskbar in the explorer window "view system information, add or remove programs, change a setting" its not at the bottom but at the left and looks pretty wierd too.
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ok [link] here it is :D I just quickly reaplied it. U think I should try to reinstall my WB ? I have v6.0 build 32 x86, or get a new version ?
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Oh that again -_- Go to settings and chose use the shellstyle defined in and select any skin with a good shellstyle.
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10k u for ur help. Ill try it a bit later. this a known issue or is it just me :-S ?
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Yeah this bug occurs for some users in my released skins. I bet it's stardock's fault.
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