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Windows 9 Concept BETA2

By fediaFedia


UPDATE I took into consideration some of the suggestions posted here. Check it out :)
Also I worked on developing several concepts on how the startmenu would work, see it here [ANIMATED]

Earlier today they released a bunch of leaked screenshots from Windows 9:…

I was quite disappointed by some of the interface elements as usual, so I decided to make my own concept. I'll describe some of my ideas for the Windows 9 UI:

Compact Metro Startmenu
Redesigned to be more minimalist and neutral. I switched around the tiles with the links, a bit like in Longhorn. The menu can be resized vertically by dragging its top border up. Tiles and menu items can be scrollable using the mousewheel. 

On the bottom we'll find the original charms clock and the userpicture / shutdown button. 

Titlebars - re-imaged for usability
With the coming of Metro apps. I decided that windows should no longer have borders on the bottom, left and right. They are resizable just the same, but the titlebar is the only border now. Now for the best part - developers can define the color of the titlebar, just like the icon and the name. We no longer need to rely on the titlebar icons and titles to recognize a window - you'll know that Spotify is green, Netflix is red, VLC is orange and so on. Of course, the taskbar buttons will reflect the titlebar color too, making it incredibly easy to switch to your apps using color coordination alone. Colorization options can be disabled in Personalization. 

Also, each titlebar context menu will have more options such as Always on Top:

Quick Access
Time to catch up with Apple. A simple and powerful Notification Bar that will centralize things such as notifications, music controls, weather, stock info and any other widgets people would care to develop. Functionality wise it would be similar to Android's control center. Quick Access can be opened either with a touch gesture, a keyboard shortcut or by clicking the Quick Access icon in the system tray.

Everything else
The taskbar has minimal design changes, I also haven't really done anything with Windows Explorer. With their ridiculous ribbons, it might be a bit of a pain. 

Anyway, I wanted to see what you guys think about these ideas! 

Improvement suggestions and comments are welcome!

Also check out this:

Windows 9 Explorer Concept BETA1 by fediaFedia Windows 9 Media Player Concept by fediaFedia
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it really does give a windows 8 / windows 10 feel. If there was a windows 9 logically this would've been the result :O

colored tiles are much preferable than the windows 10 style
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I Could make a start menu like that
james-egan-root's avatar
Better than Windows 10. ;)
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I like Quick Access menu, better than Windows 10 - 9926 Preview.
Tecior's avatar
So beautiful. Especially love how open applications look on the taskbar :D
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Beautiful! Love how each app has an "accent" color. I'm obsessed with accent colors. Also love how there isn't an overload of white and gray. Looks awesome.
mattimeow's avatar
Great concept. Not a fan of transparencies + flat design tho. Reminds me of IOS.
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Love the Quick access, flat taskbar windowing and Consistent Coloring! Microsoft says its taking Windows Users' opinions into consideration with Windows Insider- BS. I would love to see this implemented!
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It is possible for someone to make this a Windows 8/8.1 theme (visual style).
I find it AWESOME!
I could do it.
Also check out my themes.
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It's a shame that Windows 9 will never exist...
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The title bar is a bit large, it should not take much space of the window.
Windows should have shadow or border (this is called "securing window") because if you have a window over another window, you won't be able to know the ends of each window if they have the same color.
The start menu is nice but i think the links at the right (music....) should be smaller and SHOULD NOT BE at the middle of the start menu (vertically).

Generally it's a beautiful concept but all it needs is focusing on some details.

Great Job!
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I would pay a lot to receive a interface like this. SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE THIS COME TRUE!
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I mainly like the fact that it has more personalization, and an interesting design looking start menu.

The only thing is that I'm not a "flat" fan, it would be nice to have some aero effects and some line detail or something, then I would love it a lot. :)
But as a flat type of design, it's still good for what it is for those fans. :D
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please make it come true
robozap's avatar
beautiful than leaked screenshot of win 9
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Please send this and your Explorer Concept to Microsoft, it's just awesome. Microsoft isn't able to make a good, consistent design so please help them out! :D I like the startmenu and the ability to resize it, but there should be an "All Apps" button which switches to the classic folder view on the left (metro) side. The taskbar and startmenu should be as transparent as the "Quick Access" popup. The black ribbon background in the Explorer doesn't fit very well, white would be better. I like the Tabs, I'm waiting for Tabs and the ability to start searching for a file by start typing like in Linux (Explorer only recognizes the first letter) since many years and I think I have to wait another 10 years till Microsoft integrates such basic features.  Everything else is just perfect, very good work!
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First of all, I am just considering the start menu now - I didnt took a closer look on the other details of your concept, but i will mention that another time. IMHO your idea of the start menu in action is as bad as microsoft did it. I dont like the idea of having to resize the start menu, the way you showed in the gif. I think it would be better to offer a button, who increases the size of the menu to a defined size and inside the resulting area you can scroll through the Programs. - My two cents on your idea for the start menu.

However, I dont like to put the metro apps inside the start menu - this is not what has been requested by the complaining crowd (partially including myself). A start menu, where you can start the Desktop-Programs has been requested. Having metro and Desktop Programs in the start menu will definitely lead to confusion and does not solve the requested feature.

I think the "Metro-Startmenu" should be integrated into the Desktop, with the taskbar at the bottom, but the Desktop how we are used to know is still accessible. The Desktop is divided by the section, we are used to know and the Metro-Section, which can be resized by a huge grip (it has to be huge in order to be accessible with your finger on a touch display). This Metro-Section can also be covered by the usual Desktop Programs. If wanted, the Metro-Section can be moved to the side of the Display and do not show again. It should be a feature, which is nice to have, if the Device is Touch and/or Desktop compatible. Furthermore the Metro-Apps, can be viewed within the section OR dragged out of it and behave like their own windows. Sitll The start-menu for Desktop-Programs is still accessible in the bottom-left corner and will not have too major differences from Windows 7 - just being a little bit more "clean". 

It would degrade the Metro-Surface to a simple quick-launcher, but widgets can be put into it as well and IMHO it would better serve the Aim for providing ONE OS for all Devices, than the other ideas, I have seen so far.

I definitely should make a Concept of my Idea, in order to clearify myself.
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wow looks amazing :) I also would suggest the LAN network indicator icon  that's shows what's downloading/uploading :) like in XP/Vista
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Thanks, I'll try and add this in the next revision
Blue-Lambda's avatar
No problem friend and lookin' forward to see it :3 
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I hope Micro$oft will see this and give you a Job as lead designer or something like this!
For me it looks like some freakin great inovations.

Sorry for my poor English and have a nice weekend :peace:

PS: "Reaction of Micro$oft" Wow!
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