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Windows 7 M3 for vistart


Best Windows Seven M3 vistart skin available,
almost perfeclty matches the ones in the screenshots of win7

This was created to match the new Windows Seven style here: [link]

For the normal vista Aero Ultimate vistart go here: [link]

Credits to thomas9999 for making this for vista (i ported to XP)

PS: check out Lee's new site: [link]
The forums are open too: [link]

Comments are welcome!
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It doen't work for my computer, have solution??
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go to [link] and download
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How do I undo this?
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I deleted it and the Start button wouldn't work for awhile but it's all good now thanks.
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sorry, but =PeterRollar's is more accurate as of 8/26/10
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Wow people still do XP to 7 customization?

ainq's avatar
xD shit computers are running 7 with aero
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is this work for xp?
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Hey fediaFedia.. that user 'sagorpirbd' > [link]
stole this from you didnt he!?

I saw lots of hidden comments on his page..
I really dont trust that guy.. just checking.
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Of course he did, he steals everything.
Sk8rDude7's avatar
ERRRMN! Yes I actually noticed that looking through his entire gallery,
even his screen shots have many similarity's to the original works.

Fukn Bastard this guy.. He needs to be banned!!
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He will be eventually.
Sk8rDude7's avatar
yea hopefully, but I wouldn't doubt him joining under
another email and user name, and starting all over again.
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Did sagor steal "his" unique push buttons used in his Windows 7 WindowBlinds Skins, too? They're absolutely inaccurate, but very cool.
Sk8rDude7's avatar
I wouldn't know nor do I care. A person such as he, who has been caught multiple times ripping others work without permission, whether it was as small a thing as a push button in a WB skin or an entire piece of artwork, has no credit or respect in this artistic community.. but you tell me - thats just how I feel.
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And I thought he was a good skinner ... turns out he's just a cheap!
Excellent job!!... Thanx man =D
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its AWESOME but would it be possible if you could move the words up a little more the 'all programs' one? Im not trying to be picky, but I just wanted to know if it was possible like this: [link] except I know the buttons are hard but like the line above the all programs and stuff
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OH and sry 4 the double post but only the 2502 version works. when i try the one in the folder that says ViStart I just hear a faint ding.
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Looks pretty very nice

(\ /)
( . .)
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