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Win7 wmp11 for XP

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[completed] Port from [link]

Since I'm using XP again, I decided to make another wmp11 skins for XP users. Even though I don't like new win7 style at all the light media player looks quite interesting.

Bogo-d made a awesome find in the registry which allows to change colors of the toolbar, titlebar and bottom bar - all this makes a light skin quite possible. (Except for media guide font)

Instructions and stuff inside.


Credits to bogo-d [link]

Comments are welcome! :)
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XanderArt84Hobbyist Interface Designer
error on xp if put the dll wmp file in system 32! do not put there! now i gonna re-download a original wmp from microsoft *_*
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Uh, why is there never a link to download the files?
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Sorry about that, had a hard time finding the link. Thanks
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nggakStudent Photographer
How to install? Where should i replace the wmploc.dll file? at system32 folder?
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Thanks a lot
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the latest wmp11 was called "Windows Media Player 12" (likes win7)
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how can i change the media guide font colour ?
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fediaFediaProfessional Interface Designer
You can't.
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TykoBrianStudent Photographer
hey, feida, can't you make a trasparent version of this skin?? I think the combination would be awesome!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!
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TykoBrianStudent Photographer
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TykoBrianStudent Photographer
Ooo!! Looks cool, man!! I'll give it a try!!
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PikapiplupHobbyist General Artist
Thanks Much I deleted my Win 7 and now i'm stuck with Windows XP and Win 7 Customizations.
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100% not working or need more instructions
I am waiting of actual and step by step tutorial, Thanks
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fediaFediaProfessional Interface Designer
Seriously, if you're from japan, and still use XP? Don't you have some advanced fancy tablets?
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fediaFediaProfessional Interface Designer
sorry, no can do
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好像wmp都没有xp的版本。ms好像放弃win xp了。
而且,win7 里面的wmp版本号是12的。
My English is poor,so excuse me.
I don't think there is a version of wmp in windows 7 which is for windows XP.
And I think the count of format that supported by wmp is small.
I like wmp, because the UI of it is pretty good.
Some players such as Storm Codec can support more formats.
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fediaFediaProfessional Interface Designer
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Alex, Can I use your resources to make a Google Chrome wmploc.dll for WMP11 XP and also can I use your Color Setting.reg to change the text color of the command bar of Google Chrome wmploc.dll
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plz help...
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fediaFediaProfessional Interface Designer
Read the readme or dont use
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unable to understand wat to do..
when i opened the reshaker with the wmploc.dll given in zip file it shows this
VALUE "CompanyName", "Microsoft Corporation"
VALUE "FileDescription", "Windows Media Player Resources"
VALUE "FileVersion", "11.0.5721.5145 (WMP_11.061018-2006)"
VALUE "InternalName", "wmploc.dll"
VALUE "LegalCopyright", "© Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved."
VALUE "OriginalFilename", "wmploc.dll"
VALUE "ProductName", "Microsoft® Windows® Operating System"
VALUE "ProductVersion", "11.0.5721.5145"

now what should i do.??
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sempsonStudent Photographer
wow! great job man thanks
I love it!
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no insturctions inside.:|
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can u help can't working
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