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Welcome Center basic (modification from [link] ). DOWNLOADABLE
Credits to ~Dantaylor17.

Comments are welcome!
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Very nice, im using it but its an aero skin not basic xd
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Good Job, Alex! BE BACK SOON! Do someone knows to move its default screen position? Because I have a IBM ThinkPad R50e with 1024x768 display and when I run it It goes onto the bottom right of the screen. I don't know how to fix it?? I have never used DesktopX before but I already know hacking the system32 but Desktop X is the worst for me!!!
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it's very similar ( Sorry but my english )
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hi fedia!
is there anyway i can apply ur new skin instead of the skin used on ur welcome center?
or that cant be done?
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is there a glass version feed?!
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if not can u make one or tell me where to find one coz jake promissed us from december and nothing till now :(
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I'm not making any updates, sorry.
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Hi can you give me the source? I will give you credits i want to use it in tonev OS
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So? Everything is fake!
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Good job Fedia.

Awesome wallpaper!
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Well it doesn't work for some reason. It comes up saying it needed to close and do i want to send an error report.
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strange, works for everybody else...
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It doesn't work. Do i need Desktop X???
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what? It just can't not to work... It doesn't need deesktopX
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will this run at every startup?
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Yes, if you place a shortcut of it in the startup folder (press start\all programs\startup\), but make sure you have resolution bigger then 1024x768, otherwise it will always be in a corner.
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This is amazing looks just like the real thing!!!
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thanks! nice job.
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yes :) you may post it, im not able to make any changes to it right now anyway i just got vista and cant use desktopx yet cuz it isnt compatable with vista and stardock wont let me up date it :( i wish i knew where to get a hacked version of the newest desktopx that works on it lol, but go ahead!! the basic look is very nice good job!
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It's true or fake Welcome Center?
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Of course it's fake, but very realistic! This is DesktopX!
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