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WMP11 Vista Basic v2

Windows Media Player 11 Vista Basic v2 (resource)

For Windows XP only!

Enhanced version of the vista basic skin for WMP11. Items fixed:
*New seek png (original from vista)
*Rectangle edges added lke in vista
*Moved title bar controls and the wmp logo. (not a perfect match to vista's but closest possible)
*Minor pixels and lines fixed to match the vista's wmp
*Added light (inactive window like) version with working color choser(!). (The main version has color choser also, but it colors a part of the border too, impossible to fix.)

Known bugs which are (almost) impossible to fix:

Media Player frame size - in Vista the wmp 11 is few pixels bigger (fater frames).
Text - titlebar and bottom bar text is white. I couldn't find any codes which control the font colors, (probably dependent from color choser)
Fullscreen - in vista the fullscreen bottom control background is transparent.

Nevertheless, it's close as possible to Vista's wmp11

This skin is for the latest version of windows media player 11. (11.0.5721.5145)

Instructions inside.

Credit also goes to pierdelp [link] , since he made the wmp11 basic skin for WMP11 Final (Inspired from my early beta style for WMP11 Beta2)

(C) Copyright 2008 fediaFedia

Legal notices:

Windows Media Player, Windows Media Player logo, Wmploc.dll and it's resources is a property of Microsoft Corporation, modifications were made only for editorial and customization purposes.

Any help with the wmp11 font colors would be greately appreciated.
© 2008 - 2022 fediaFedia
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how come nothing changes except for the little toolbar you get in the taskbar. the main window is still the same.:|
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Thank you Fedia when i get older i want to do this kinda stuff to im 12 im making my own Gadgets and PC Themes right now!
kane519's avatar
how to use it
fediaFedia's avatar
Use the instructions?
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wave. Tell me how you change the language in wmp11 please.
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if I want, but do not do it. can you please explain how it is done. just a little help. thanks. sorry for my english...
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Ask: [link]
He might translate it.
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please, can you translate to spain?
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Sorry, I don't do translations...
You can translate it yourself if you can.
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could you make a version that doesnt have the side borders?
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perfect, simply perfect, nice wurk Alex!!!
fediaFedia's avatar
thanks, not for vista...
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thx a lot !!!
i've been looking for a Basic Skin=D
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There was a basic skin long time ago, but I fixed it a little.
MegaMechZX's avatar
yeah i've seen it but wouldn't work with my version of wmp, but this one does ;)
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