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Vista explorer in XP review

Did you ever wanted the functionality of vista's explorer in XP? The nice views switch, previews, comfortable breadcrumbs adressbar, or better yet INSTANT SEARCH, etc. ? Now you can have all that and much much more in XP too! The QT tabbar ads you some very useful buttons to your explorer and makes it much more comfortable to organize or search files.
There are also some plugins and languages for QT tabbar - one of the plugins is to change window transparecy right from explorer window - or to change the icon view in vista style.
Maybe it doesn't look much like in vista - but the functionality is the same or even better. I suggest getting it - it is totally safe and doesn't take up ram - just the same explorer.exe process.

But if you want to have perfect vista explorer look, but no functionality - get styler: [link]

big thanks to quizo for inventing QT! You can send him suggestions and "thank you" letters! :)

Comments are welcome!

Edit: OMG this is my 100 th. deviation!
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where'd you get that vista like switch slider?? idont have that in my QTbar
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That searchbar have to be on the right side.. did you know that?
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I tried to do it...
Only one thing is freaking me out... I can't disable the tabs of QTTabBar. I know this is what it does... But all i need from it is the "Standard Buttons".
If I disable QT TabBar and leave QT Standard Buttons enabled it would either look glitchy either re-enable itself :D.

Do you have any idea how to get rid of that tabs and only use "QT Standard Buttons" and the "Vista-like icon view plugin" ?
Please help!
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it looks weird on mine, and i have a vista theme installed, and yet it doesn't look like yours.
Sorry i'm new in devviantART
i just wonder how you get that kind of "vista like toolbar"(under the qttabbar)

I have died to it so long !

(I'm form asia ,so my english is poor ,sorry for that)
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You need QT Standard buttons plugin and QT Addressbar, also styler, all these toolbars must be enabled, then you can customize them, move to fit the position like on mine, for more info visit his gallery: [link] he has some instructions
fedia - any idea how you got the QTTabbar to display the QT Tab standard buttons without QTTabbar?

Everything I have tried I still get the same results - when I close and open a window with only the standard buttons the toolbar comes up without icons until I add the QTTabbar.

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It's not possible, QTabbar is somewhere hidden there
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Im looking for Vista navigation pane for XP, any idea?
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Hey I can't get the plugins to work! Please help!
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You have to install them thru Options of QT Tab Bar
yes i did that but then they never showed up.
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Hmm, weird, try posting in their forums, coz i don't know what the problem is.
ok thanks anyway
I already have QTTabBar & QTTabBarLib on my PC. I don't want QTTabBar but when I take it off the QTTabBarLib vanishes too... It´s normal? As I can see in your prt sc u only have QTTabBarLib...
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what ARE the plugins to make the explorer like that???
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How did you get the image preview thing?
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It can be enabled in QT Tabbar options
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I still don't understand how you got the preview images when putting the mouse over them... or the Vista View Options scroll thing... :D
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It's in the QT Tab bar options.
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