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Vista VS for Windows 7 FINAL

By fediaFedia
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Might have fixed basic this time

Yeah its final. Simple preview for those who care.


:bulletblue: Fixed basic taskbar issue

:bulletblue: Fixed shadowless frames blue outline

:bulletblue: Changed tray icon expander to vista style

:bulletblue: Changed shellstyle text color to match vista's

:bulletblue: Added shadow to Folderband like in vista

:bulletblue: Changed startmenu program seperator color

:bulletblue: Added opaque maximized option

:bulletblue: Added EXTRAS with links to windows sidebar and wmp11 for windows 7

:bulletblue: Added a bunch of beautiful vista icons


After almost a year of waiting, I managed to fix BASIC :iconffuplz:

FIXED: All taskbar positions and sizes, now it's perfect

64bit explorer: [link]

Small updates:
Fixed bottom iconized taskbar bug
Applied VG's theme name fix [link]
Works fine with Vista-aero glass theme in firefux (no need to rename it now)

Introducing Windows vista VS for 7, the preview speaks for itself.

Comments and bug reports are welcome!

Thanks to PandaX and Xyrfo for the help.
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VGSuckerNew Deviant

Where to download?

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Damn, I want this in 10. Unfortunately, newer processors doesn't want 7 (or at least 8.1), and 7 is still functional. This design is timeless.

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looks modern even in 2020.


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fediaFediaProfessional Interface Designer

Windows Aero is a timeless design.

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This theme reminds me back good times, thanks

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How to download?

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Just click the download icon

All set

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Great stuff, thank you.
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MouseAvengerHobbyist Filmographer
Awesome! ^_^ I'd love to use it... :D

But will it work on Windows 10, or will you have to make another version of this theme for W10? :? If so, will it interfere with my Windows AeroGlass theme & settings?
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OkihitoStudent Artist
oh my...
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RussianHackerV2Hobbyist General Artist
Dude, I gotta say, I've been using this theme since 2011. I love it. Fantastic job, super clean. Looks great in red at 2560x1440.
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Is there any Windows Vista for Windows 10?
Or actually can anybody point to some tools that would make Windows 10 look like Windows Vista or 7? I would love to keep using this theme (or similar), but Windows 7 is eventually getting discontinued, and I really don't like Windows 10 GUI.
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fediaFediaProfessional Interface Designer
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This looks beautiful. Great work!
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Hi there! can you provide us how to install this please? as I am interested on it :) .,.Thanks
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fediaFediaProfessional Interface Designer
It's all in the readme - basically patch uxtheme and then copy that theme into C:\Windows\Resources\Themes and apply..
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The year of when this was published is years old going by the other comments below, though if you are still around, I wish to thank you on this effort to bring back the old feel of vista.
There are some out there who don't care for vista all too much, except for the few like myself, I perfer vista over any other OS so far. 7 included.

I just installed 7 to my pc as a duel boot system and already I feel awkward about 7. A few years back when I built my pc, I got 7 though my college but opted for vista instead because It was still very much supported and I could easily navigate it. Unfortunately the support is slowly dieing and I am noticing even with updates of programs, the updates aren't any longer supported. For me this will be a slow transition but glad there is something like this to make it easier.

But now I am curious, how much can be edited by a theme? How much familiarity can be added back? Classic Shell helps out too as I used the classic theme for vista but another thing I never cared for was the windows aero and I stuck with the Vista Basic. This gave me a dark, rich, and solid task bar but windows were with the light blue boarders. The theme here uses aero which will turn all windows and the taskbar one sold color. Which to get the vista look of a black taskbar will turn the windows a really gaudy black. So if you are still around, If you can make a non-aero theme or at least if it is possible.
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fediaFediaProfessional Interface Designer
You'll get a solid taskbar if you switch to windows basic using this theme. Just disable aero.
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How exactly if I may ask as this theme only seems to appear under the aero listing. Unless I am missing something.
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fediaFediaProfessional Interface Designer
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I made a modified version of your theme, can I post it here(or anywhere else) while crediting you?
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fediaFediaProfessional Interface Designer
Yeah as long as it links back here
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