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Vista RUN dialog box for XP

Recommended to use with Aero Ultimate style: [link]

Detailed instructions inside.

DUTCH language image:
[link] Thanks to jordey24

SPANISH language image [link] Thanks to esteNo

Thanks to MaskedJudas [link] for German screenshot!

And no thanks to that picasa guy for removing credits to me.

If you want a version in your language, send me any screenshot of run in vista with your language.

Comments are welcome!
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Would you somehow make a Windows XP start menu for Vista?
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Who'd want that anyway
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Herobrine (Minecraft)
Spanish Run Dialog Box (Re Up) Features Vista Style and Seven Style...

Hey Can You Send Me In Spanish Becouse The Link Is Down
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Sorry, i dont have it.
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hey fediafedia great work xD but the link to the spanish version seems to be broken could you fix that please
the dutch link doesn't work it says:"The key you provided for file download was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on Mediafire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or Mediafire."

please fix it.
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Oh sorry, I guess it expired, I dont have the dutch version anymore
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"And no thanks to that picasa guy for removing credits to me."...
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Yeah I helped him make the dll, made the preview and stuff and then he just removes my credits, as if the deviation was totally his.
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His deviation looked so simillar to this... now I found out why.
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I helped with more than one devations, but after the fight with him he removed all credits Lol
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It's in my journal archive, both of them.
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Can you release an Italian version, please?
link is down
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Not it isn't probably a problem with your connection. Try again.
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Does it come transparent, or do you need something like 'TrueTransparency'?
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Of course not, you need WindowBlinds or TrueTransparency for glass.
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Thought so, but then again, you could have made something like that seeing as how good you are...:D
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That wouldn't be possible
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Got it working now:D
spanish image dialog...

( i up the .bmp file in mediafire )
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