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Vista Live Grey pack for XP

Vista Live Grey pack for Windows XP - release

part of Live is good™ project series 4 (final)

Update 2
Fixed dark toolbar to normal, added Viorb 2
Added neutral toolbar, vistart glass skin and styler white drop down arrow. Thanks to ~yethzart for ideas!

New wallpaper for Live Grey: [link]

Vistart (other languages here -> [link] )
Visual Style
Uxtheme patcher

Comments are most welcome! And if you like this pack, please give it a :+fav: - it means alot.

:new:Bottom and left side shellstyles: [link]

:new:Other Live vistart skins: [link]

Vista Live Blue pack: [link]

Vista Live Green pack: [link]

Vista Live Red pack: [link]

Vista Live Pink: [link]

BEST Live winamp: [link]

Windows Live Media Player color compatible: [link]

Windows Live Firefox Compatible:

Live is good™

(C) copyright 2007 by fediaFedia
© 2007 - 2021 fediaFedia
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Re upload please. RUNSIES

nice clean look xp theme

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Uxtheme Multi-Patcher is AdWare.
I'll continue my search for something without a catch.
Artsurf101's avatar
very cool vs. thnx
Dude and where's the link to download this theme?
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When I try to use the uxtheme patch you included, I get a warning saying that there's a Windows NT setup file in C:\windows\i386. It wont work because of this. Any ideas on how I can fix this?
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Well, I think your biggest problem is that you're still using Windows XP.
I would recommend this: [link] If you want to use custom themes. You patch it once, and you can use all themes for Windows XP.
MissingColours's avatar
I know. It's a long story. Thanks though!
G33kX's avatar
YAY, Wine Actually looks GOOD thank U so much!
BiT-E's avatar
Can you make windows explorer more transparent i love it and thank you for share :iconiloveitplz:
itsattiq's avatar
its really fantastic, this style is in all favorite colors, i appreciate your work,,, ++++++++
its for vista x32 too...?????
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This is for Windows XP...
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how to add a new option to ViStart? ( i have installed it separately)

I went into the settings.xml , created a new variable ID "GAMES", created a new key in HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders\Games, and kept the value of games to be "D:\Games", which is the folder where i have all the games, created a new option "Games", below "Videos", also kept the roll over image for it, but i don get the option... What mistake i do and where???
fediaFedia's avatar
You probably can't. Visit forums and ask
SolitaryPhoenix's avatar
Thanks mate.. :) and yes. I could not make changes in the mainhook.dll... Anyways.. That is an awesome app :)
ArielAleXCo's avatar
I cant get the neutral toolbar to work.
fediaFedia's avatar
install styler from crystalxp
ArielAleXCo's avatar
I like the glow, but im not getting the "neutral toolbar" to work. it like black with dark font, and on mouse over its white... what im I doing wrong? ive create de C:\Program Files\Styler\TB\skins\Styler's but nothing happenas.
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How do install this theme ?
fediaFedia's avatar
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*fediaFedia, this is one of your best projects.. I used this skin yesterday and my friend thought i really had vista.. I love this project, one of the best vista skin packs of the world. Keep up the good work!
fediaFedia's avatar
Thanks, I'm glad it's still useful for you after all these years
humorking4's avatar
:) Now i dont gotta look any further.. Borderskin is full of bugs, just like Visplore it doesnt load Computer, Recycle bin and a few others.. This.. is awesome..
fediaFedia's avatar
You can use Windowblinds and aero ultimate if you want a great vista look but retain functionality :)
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