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Vista Basic skin for Motorola



Vista Basic skin for motorola 176x220 phones.

Search for tutorial here: [link] (site is\was down, so I couldn't find it...)

My first skin for motorola phones!

Thanks to for template style and icons.

When i got my phone, I really wasn't expecting that it could be skinned. But I realized not a long time ago, that Motorola phones have the widest customization and moding possibilities. Googled for some skins, and found alot of v good sites for motorola. One of the best is - moding revolutions. There you can do almost anything to your phone, from simple animated wallpapers to Monsdterpacks and flexes. This site has also a very big skin collection and skinning software too. As much as I explored other new models of phones like Sony Erricson or Nokia, I've noticed that they can't have such wide skinning possibilities. For example I saw alot of SE skins, but they all are simmilar, icon possitions, menus, panels can't be modified widely on them. As for most motorola phones, they can look like almost anything, I personally have the following themes installed: Nokia Music, Symbian, Walkman, Samsung U series. Those themes look same as the original ones! Let's see SE skin itself just like Nokia! That's not the best thing, most java games either have been created for motorola, or "just work" on it, I'm not talking about multimedia possibilities now... Or newer phone models...

Motorola™ - Intelligence Everywhere.

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FediaFedia, Love your skins, I'm using this on my Telus crossflashed V3c, Works like a charm except for the Clock, it doesn't display the AM/PM in digital on the V3c :D