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TEASER: WP7 for Rainmeter

By fediaFedia



Nearly 30 interactive fully functional panels
24+ Different color skins including glass
Super easy setting changing
Perfect for notebooks and netbooks
Create any layout, the shown ones are just examples

developed by Xyrfo, fediafedia, taichou-henk, varelse42

Older preview: [link]
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Please post link to these wallpapers..:)
fediaFedia's avatar
Sorry, I don't believe I have these anymore.
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It really great! I love this style!!
hi where can i get this home start button?

thank you therefore, brother :)
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I really like this Thank you verymuch.
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woww its so amazing !!!!
DanishSultan2222's avatar
hmm..nice..much better than omnimo 2
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I know I will sound stupid now, but will this work on WinXp?
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Absolutely, click the Omnimo link in my sig
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Oh, thanks!
Great work BTW ;)
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Anyone using the new Rainmeter 1.2?
Using RM 1.1 I had WP 7 as my default theme with the upgrade it seems to be just a skin not a theme?
why hasn't it been picked up as a theme?
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Hi, I've just installed this from the link - all's working fine and I'm loving it, apart from one thing. The start menu icon in this image (what I assume is referred to as orb in the other page) I really want, but cannot figure out how to get it. Help really appreciated, thanks for all your work!
I can't find the wallpapers in the file, did you include them somewhere in it?
Would like the wallpapers as well please :)
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Off-topic. What's the name of the start orb you're using?
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[link] you can get it from here
blackhunter09's avatar
Thanks and faved your work~
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