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February 15, 2015
[EPIC ANNOUNCEMENT] - Reveal by fediaFedia
Featured by Moonbeam13
Suggested by Taichou-Henk
fediaFedia's avatar - Beta 1

Edit: OMG DD <3 
I've updated the archive to include the latest changes and tweaks :)

Also we now have a Demo Video and a Steam Group

Ladies and Gentlemen.

For years the privilege of creating Steam skins was reserved to a select few. An elite with specific skills, capable to sort through the insanely confusing steam skinning engine. 
No more.

Tonight, I'm unveiling my latest project we've been working on since last year. It will change the way you see Steam Customization.


My newest online web-service allowing you to customize Steam to your liking.
You can change a whole bunch of things in this BETA1 version, but this is only a taste of what's to come.
Please don't crash my webzone

Everything that you need is on the website, including the readme (please read it).
Only thing you need to have installed is the latest WP7 skin, you can download it here. 

Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear some feedback.

Spread the word and show it to your friends! 
(Skinning) Power to the People!

Don't forget to join the official Steam group:…

Made in London
Credits: Lexuzieel, Taichou-Henk
© 2015 - 2021 fediaFedia
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fediaFedia's avatar

Valve killed it by making the inside of it non-skinnable

anotherjustlooking's avatar
And how can i enable tabbed browsing with this tool?
fediaFedia's avatar
It doesn't do that
Would be nice to be able to get rid of the Menu bar, The Balance and the Username on the Right hand side as well. Makes it cleaner and more private for Streaming/Recording
fediaFedia's avatar
We can't completely remove it, but we can make it invisible so that it's only shown when you hover it
That would be option would be perfect! 
syd-haven's avatar
Cool but needs a way to export without the tool.
fediaFedia's avatar
You can just go to C:\Program Files\Steam\skins and ZIP the skin
Cutestpyro's avatar
I did that but I still cant see it ;-;
this tool works great 
but i want to do something like this guy did…
fediaFedia's avatar
It's not added yet but it's possible. I'll do it in the next version
ak399's avatar
I've been using this for a while and recently reinstalled Steam without backing up the tweaks I made. The one thing that really bugs me is the button labeled "Button" up in the top left corner which launches SteamVR, covering the Steam menu. How do I kill that?
fediaFedia's avatar
Seems like they added that in the recent Steam update, I'll fix it soon
MNShered's avatar
everything was perfect, until I saw the broadcast  doesn't work  :(
fediaFedia's avatar
Can you show me a screenshot so i can fix it?
MNShered's avatar
when I want to see a stream just sits there and does not teach me anything, it teaches me to choose transmissions page, but I can not see any after choose one.
I can go to any section, but when a transmission only see it stays there, a dark bar but nothing else appears.
I know my subject is dark, but I think you can notice the bar just above the previous transmission images.Diamond Tiara Double Chin

btw awesome tool, done in a couple seconds did it would take me hours normally ... lol
DarkJesture's avatar
I really like the potential in this! May I recommend adding the capability of uploading our own images for certain things? That would instantly make this skin THE best in my eyes, as well as many others.
ZeldaLinkAaron's avatar
I will also love this one much more once you can upload images
fediaFedia's avatar
Devilswarchild's avatar
add the options to change text colors as well
leomate's avatar
Really love this steam skin until now :)

Hope more pony options xD
SchnuffelKuschel's avatar
Oh, very well! I'm curious of future releases of this tool. Good work! :D
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