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Steam Metro skin BETA 8 - UPDATE

By fediaFedia
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28/09/14: Fixed Big Picture button location (as per new update)

17/08/14: Fixed Steam Music / Friends Hover effect / Tabs / Download Progress color (thx to KraXarN)

3/3/14: Fixed steam wallet balance issue (thx to KoffieNL)

3/1/14: Removed light border by popular request

26/02/14 - Huge update - redesigned UI, better mods and new instructions

New update - fixes the issues with the latest Steam changes. New big picture button, small visual tweaks to the theme.

The download button is on the right ->

13-09-12: IMPORTANT UPDATE: Fixed some bugs, especially Big Picture button. Added some extras that allow for theme modding. No more variants, just use the modding folder if you don't like something in the default WP7 theme. Also there are tiny visual changes, removed text glow as per request, online avatar borders are now blue, in game - green.

05-06-12: Fixed hover on downloading items, progressbar color

22-12-11: Fixed notifications thingie, if you're too lazy to redownload, go to C:Program FilesSteamskinsMetroresource and delete the folders named "Layout" and "Menus"

Fixed friends list after today's update. Works with steam trading too (hopefully)

Steam Metro skin BETA 3

Fixed: 1920 resolution problem and progressbar color, added a "no gradient on bottom" version

Please report any bugs you find.

Everything's inside. Works with any recent version. Enjoy.

Comments and suggestions are welcome!

P.S. If the font doesnt look very good, go to Settings/Interface and enable DirectWrite (thx to PandaX for mentioning it)

P.S.S Add me on steam if you want: fediaFedia
© 2011 - 2021 fediaFedia
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Update or remove this skin !!! Tired of spending my time on crap!

fediaFedia's avatar

Wow entitled much?

Best theme ever. Even steamcustomizer not as good as this one
teamroman's avatar
how can i change the color?, i see black and purple
holYadio's avatar
I have an issue with the download template, is there a fix for it?
fediaFedia's avatar
This version is no longer being serviced. Try this instead:
holYadio's avatar
Ah ok, Thanks :D
Deviant-User01's avatar
Simple and clean theme
Need FIX bug (button in left upper side) after latest steam client update.
SoundwaveTheWikiGuy's avatar
For some reason i can't install the font.
The download button isnt working.
PLease FIX!!!!!
MrMelodyCold's avatar
Reporting, download window not working properly.
Faziri's avatar
Last update in 2014. Forget this skin, it's dead.
rOxNaDz's avatar
nice work, love it
Kuroychan's avatar
very good skin but don't display properly on some languages T.T
DarkGabriel1701G's avatar
Do you have intentions on updating this skin?
fediaFedia's avatar
After I'm done with my exams
DarkGabriel1701G's avatar
Thank you for replying and good luck with the exams!
MrDarkAssassin1991's avatar
Автору респект, весьма амбициозный проект при дальнейшем развитии имеет своё будущее. ^_^
fullsun's avatar
need update please
DarkGabriel1701G's avatar
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