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RetroWindows for Rainmeter? [WIP]


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Alright peeps hear me out...

What if we had some kind of a living Windows UI museum that works on any Win10/Win11 for Nostalgia purposes?

I was messing around with some older screenshots and I realized that they could be made into a full-fledged simulated Rainmeter Suite. This is where I figured, let's see who would like that?

First I made a Windows Vista version, some features include:

- Simulated DMW with Blur
- Fully working Color and Appearance Dialog (can even disable transparency)
- Colorizable windows with focused/unfocused states and working Close/ Maximize buttons.
- Most Windows are resizable and Maximizable
- Many Windows can be translatable
- Stuff like Welcome Center is built out of original resources and PNGs
- Windows Media Player could have working controls and show correct info.

Of course these are all just slightly more interactive screenshots, but for aesthetics purposes they feel real :D I wonder if it's worth developing it further, I can imagine this "Museum" having several themes:

- Windows Vista with working changable themes: Basic, Beta 2, Beta 1, Custom like NextLevel:
- Longhorn 4074
- Longhorn Hillel

I would make the project open source and write some documentation how to develop these "Apps" and "Themes" for it, should be very easy even for newbies.

Let me know what you guys think! Worth doing? 
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I wonder if this could be used alternatively to bring rounded corners to Windows 10? I mean Curtains is great and all, but it honestly looks awful 😔