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Rainmeter Skin Config: Ultra Edition

Download here actually:…</span>

Get the super easy configuration features from Omnimo in your themes! Introducing the standalone Rainmeter Skin Config: ULTRA EDITION
It has lots of cool new features and is now faster and more optimized, check it out!

silent update: changed settings.ini to

Time for a real treat to all advanced rainmeter skinners!

With this applet, you can make customizable skins easy, if you use it right, end users won't have to manually edit anything in your skin, ever!

Possibilities are limitless, as seen in Omnimo and Enigma, you can customize Weather codes, mail, passwords, user accounts, time formats, sizes, colors and much more in a convenient easy to use window.

Top features of this applet:

Easy to use minimalistic UI, with minimum required buttons.
Possibility to refresh a specific config immediately after a setting is changed/saved.
Custom header and background color to match your skin style.

What's included:

All the necessary configuration files
Instructions.txt, credits.txt

If you don't know how this sort of thing works, read the instructions, it will be worth it. Configurable rainmeter skins are a lot more ossum than non-configurable skins ;)

Enjoy! Feel free to include this in your skins!

Credits to Kaerli for RainConfigure source code.
Thanks to Xyrfo and poiru for their help.

:iconxzibitplz: Yo dawg, we heard you like configurations, so we put configurations in your configurations so you can configure while you configure:

Change the background color of the configuration window
Change the font
Change the title

Courtesy of Xyrfo
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Мне так нравится, что я сделал испражнения в штанах.

That's Russian. Use Google Translate.

:happybounce: :woohoo:

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Could we get a new link, please?
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I added options for text and window sizes. You can download it from my DA hosted skins gallery: ConfigVariables
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Thanks for the info!
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:iconfediafedia: Can You Make Office 2007 Metro Please?
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This has a trojan.
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I was wondering if you can send me a link where i can download this. - this link is discontinued from being used. Copy is closing their website. If you can. Thank you
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The page says:
"Sorry, something happened and

we weren't able to fetch that for you."
please upload it again!
The link in the download no longer works.
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Works fine; try again
When I try to use the copydotcom link in the file it says there's a problem fetching the file from the website. Can you mirror the file somewhere else?
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This is really great! Have'nt downloaded it yet, but I'm pretty sure it will help me for my "working in progress" project. Thanks a lot!
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Any compatibility issues with Rainmeter 3.2 beta or Omnimo 6?
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Not that I know of
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very nice geat work :clap:
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Very nice, having four different files to configure was a little tricky but I got through it! This is a very good tool!
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Thanks a lot,i'l try this one.. :-)
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