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[Private Beta] ScreenStyler for Windows


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Merry Christmas folks! Santa Clause 
I'm VERY excited to announce the start of the much anticipated Private Beta of ScreenStyler.

You might've heard about it earlier, but what it is is a new tool that we've been working on which makes Customization a lot more fun and a lot easier, not to mention safer :)
Earlier this year we rushed to release the iPhone version of (you can check it out now). But that was just a tiny little taste of what's to come.

This is something we've been working on since 2015. With countless revisions and changes, I think it's almost ready!


As there's still a few bugs and functionalities to iron out, the project is going to be in a PRIVATE BETA for now. This means that only a select number of willing volunteers will get a chance to try it out.
If you're interested in this and want to be involved with one of the most exciting utilities in Customization,

Leave a comment below or sign up to our waiting list at

We will randomly select 10 lucky testers and send you the tool and its BETA activation key!

Stay tuned for further announcements!

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it not a rainmeter skin

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How can I give feedback?

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Looks awesome, great tool. I will most definetly be trying the beta now, thanks to making a reality this great idea!

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I'm really excited for the release, can't wait to try it out.

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Thanks for your patience guys! I got a good feeling we can launch in Q1 (means end of this month) :D


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@fediaFedia am very intrested to see what this screen styler is all about . too many things left to the imagination. i hope it comes out by next month. keep up the great work

Id Love To Use This :)

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Update: We're in the final phases of testing and just preparing an overview video now :D

We're waiting... thank you

very, very interesting) I want to know the details)
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Any news? it will be amazing to see a release soon :)

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Finalizing some things, with any luck should come out this month :P

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I really would like to participate in this project. Please include me in private beta

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I'm running the latest windows 10 pro 21H1 will this be compatible?

I would be enthralled with testing this out if another person is needed. I am part software developer and curious to say the least. My favorite thing to do is use third party software to make windows better. Its a shame Microsoft doesn't incorporate the complete customization ability into their product but sadly they do not.:disbelief:

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Yes sure, send me a DM

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Hey, I have been in the custo community for the past 10+ years and with my UX experience I will be glad to provide usability feedback and carefully go through every corner of this software to catch anything weird or bugs.

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Can I be in the private beta? I have a few different computers I can test it on.

i waana try this as soon as posssible!!

hi i would like to try this! ty!

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would love to try this!

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is this basically an all-in-one customization tool where you will be able to change icons, themes, system font etc. without struggling?

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