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Oriental Desktop w/ Big Sur BETA3 - WIP

Does anyone remember a time when Icons were fun?
I've been sorta making this new file manager that's macOS inspired, came across these icons again and thought they looked great, even though many of them are 10+ years old.


Rocket Dock: 

Big Sur BETA 3 coming soon, with some nice additions!

Comments are welcome!

P.S. Any Javascript/Typescript developers here who wanna help make something cool?
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Unfortunately I got more important projects going on right now so I can't really develop this. The photo viewer is / was a part of the explorer. Just a note, I don't think it's viable anymore as such a file explorer would be "heavy" compared to the regular one in windows, even I wouldn't use it anymore...

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I am using a mac for this and I am wondering how to apply this to my desktop. Any tips?

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i can javascript but i dont know for what

how can i add multiple of the same wigdet

any update i would love to try this out

when are you dropping this , really good work

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I already released the BETA 3 of the Widgets.

The explorer might take a lot longer tbh

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@fediaFedia were did you get the file explorer theme from, because i have been going to great lengths to make windows a lot like apple, i might even stop using start menu soon, or is there an app that can give you rounded corners like this. i already have windows blinds and windows fx, and i can't download files uwp becuase install keeps giving problems anyway keep up the great work, also theme patcher doesn't seem to work on my computer

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It's an app I've been working on. Like I said its not so simple so it might be a while till it's available

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well i hope when it's fully functional, you can release it on github, customizers like you help win the war on microsoft, and the ugly inconsistent UI choices and riddling their updates with bugs. you are slowly helping the society take back windows 10, one day windows will truly be great, and consistent, and we will have you and the rest to thank. keep it up, don't give up, keep developing that app. thank you

great ive updated just yesterday , its nice how you added 75percent on the display too great thinking.. also i love how you can press alternative view on the widgets now

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I dabble in javascript
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You didn't write anything
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Terrific work Alex!

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This looks like you're brewing something exceptional. Your file manager I can see there? Looks really cool! I'll put that on my wish list. :D

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