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NYPO Wallpaper

So, I was experimenting to make a wallpaper for Omnimo and this came out.

Comments are welcome!
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nice. thaks!!!

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Thanks included in Omnimo V6
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i wish you had it in my resolution (2560X1440) ... it's kinda weird looking when it's stretched. but i like it though, just too small :)
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My computer can't handle running photoshop processes that high :D
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I really need a better computer :cry:
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Not sure if you'd like to give it a shot, but Linux runs great on older hardware / not-so-good computers. Less ressource hungry. Also, another thing to try out is gimp? I mean both are free and you dont even have to install Linux in order to make the process resized with GIMP. Nothing to lose right? :D Anyway, before my old laptop broke I had linux and gimp on it, and I could resize to just about any desktop size (Didnt try anything crazy. Just the highest desktop res I could find). Give it a try if you havent? :) If it wont resize it wont resize :XD:
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Sorry you're talking to the wrong guy about Linux (look at the avatar to your left)
I've tried Linux several times before, on several computers, and perhaps by pure coincidence, it was absolutely terrible each time. It made my laptop overheat, it was insanely slow and laggy, most of my drivers weren't installed so I didn't have internet or audio. All in all, an unacceptable experience. This was Ubuntu 9.04 I believe. After that I've also tried Mandriva, Debian, and some other one. It was almost exactly the same even though it was a completely new computer. Now I'm not saying Linux is a bad operating system, but it didn't give me even the tiniest bit of chance to like it. And this is what out of the box Software experience is about. Microsoft and Apple spend millions, possibly even billions of dollars to make sure things work right-ish for everybody, seems like open source developers don't have the resources at their expenditure to ensure this kind of reliability for home users. 

On a side note, GIMP is definitely one of the best software suites on Linux, but unfortunately it can't compete with powerhouses like Adobe..
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Yea, I knew you liked windows. Just didnt know if you've tried out linux. For many people Linux is just a penguin they dont know much about, and the only OS'es they know are Windows and OSX :P And also, it's fine you dont like it ;) Sad about your negative experiences though. I had my computer flying when I installed Ubuntu 11.04 for the first time :D

Adding the side note. I've seen some choose GIMP over photoshop, and I've read a few places that they boast the same features, albeit just different way to do things. Like interface and such. People who are used to photoshop have problems using gimp, and people used to gimp have problems using photoshop. I havent tried photoshop yet, so I cant say much other than what I've seen here and there :)
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because of the mac desktops, i am not sure what's design-fake for windows and what's real, but in any way, i'd recommend a mac to you for this kind of work :) they are made for photoshop... or photoshop is made for them ;)
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i own a macbook pro 13' and an 27' imac and never NEVER experienced any problem. my macbook fell to the ground from me standing while it was running and open. nothing happened... i am sure i will never never never return to windows (only use it for gaming, main issue of macs). i am totally happy with my macs and i'd say they are worth the almost 4.000 they cost me...
but it's of course your decision. in fact i'd say it's up to everyone to decide what fits better to ones personality. i am a mac person, maybe you are a windows person. with enough time and knowledge about hardware, you can build a very good windows pc, too. it's at least same expensive (because you have to search so long for the best hardware), but possible.
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What gave away that I might be a windows person? Is it the the windows logo on my avatar that I use everywhere on the internet?
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Absolutely stunning... it makes me happy to see it when it comes up on my wallpaper rotation. The color Windows 8's automatic coloring picks from it is absolutely beautiful and works perfectly with Metro.

10/10 would download again
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Fantastic. Can I make a suggestion though?

Considering it's a windows thing, why not use Windows Colors with the colors you're using now. By using the windows colors I mean very subtly, nothing too powerful.

Like maybe the sections at the corners.

It kind of looks like folds of paper to me, with a great choice of colors. It is great the way it is, I just thought I'd throw in some opinion on how to improve in case you wanted to.
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Thanks! I honestly had no idea what I was doing when I made this, so don't worry about criticizing it :D

Can you be more specific on the Windows colors though? I don't really understand.
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You're welcome, sure I can.

The windows colors I'm referring to is what are on the windows logo in some places, or the colors they've used on the windows logo so many years now.

I'm glad it could be helpful. I'm that kind of person that I keep on working on something until I know what I want it to be, and before I even finish it, I stop and stare at it, to make sure I didn't miss anything - then I call it complete. So that's why you'll probably find comments from me giving suggestions more than anything else.

Without more color than just the 2, it just feels like it's missing something - it feels like there is too much open space in the design. Of course that's just my opinion - others may have an opinion totally different than mine.
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It's perfect, really good job.
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oh great thanks man, so excited for omnimo 6 btw
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