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NEXTlevel port for Win7

By fediaFedia
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64-bit explorer: [link]

The original VS was done by Vathanx: [link] This is a port for windows 7

PERMISSION: NEXTlevel is skinswingers meaning it can be edited without permission but with credits and submitted under the same license.

Release is still beta, there are quite a few bugs.

BIG thanks to balderoine for the idea and for the awesome preview

Credits to Vathanx for creating NEXTlevel

Comments are welcome!
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May I ask you a question
How to change the style of  panel border(I don't know how to describe),you can see picture  sta.sh/01q1dshaozeq
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Does this Work with Win 7 sp1 ?
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Beauty !
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Loving this theme, but I generally put my taskbar on the right side of the screen, and the application icons look pretty bad because they overlap the side borders on the taskbar in that position. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
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EyesOfARavenHobbyist Digital Artist
When you mouse over the navbar on the left of an explorer window, the little triangles for expand/collapse appear and look like absolute crap until you mouse over them individually.
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fediaFediaProfessional Interface Designer
hmm, pic?
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does this support the fat taskbar?
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fediaFediaProfessional Interface Designer
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and why's the orb not NEXTLEVEL but the normal one?
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sooo cooooooool[link]
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Nice Theme...
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Anyone else experiencing these issues? Most glaring issue for me is probably the bottom edge of an aero window always being off color no matter which one I use, at version or not. Unfortunately, there are several other issues (navigation pane, unfocused window's borders not correct etc.) that makes me stay away from using the NEXTLevel port as my main theme despite loving the Vista version.
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fediaFediaProfessional Interface Designer
Worked fine for me. Pics?
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Solved via PM. "Show shadows under windows" was necessary for it to display properly so thanks fediaFedia!
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pauliewog260Student Interface Designer
Good job mate!
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truly the best and usable on daily basis unlike dark vs.could not get a second replacement for it.
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Great theme.

I copy the NEXTlevel folder and both files to \Resources\Themes, but what is NEXTlevel AT?

And one more question, why is it 2 NEXTlevl in Appearance >>> Installed Themes?
The other one is the real NEXTlevel theme and looks as it shall... and the other one just look strange?
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One of the best out there! Thanks :)
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Very nice...thanks!
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Sorry for the English is that I am Brazilian help me more when I install the theme
my start menu is kind xp
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Help me sort my start menu is xp when i install the theme is not equal to
this help me please
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EyesOfARavenHobbyist Digital Artist
I've been using this theme off and on since you've released it, and it's a good port of NeXTLevel. However, it would be much appreciated if you could fix the remaining bugs, specifically the original taskbar buttons so we can use the non-AT style without clashing.

Thanks Fedia - love lots of your work.
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