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Metro Squared 7 Start Buttons

Another update by request: added black/grey/white versions

Also added variants for small taskbar
Small update: Added wide version which looks pretty neat

5 colors for each variant are still inside.


And now for something completely different: Metro stuff :)

Made a bunch of Metro styled start buttons, to accompany Omnimo 4. I'm surprised to see nobody made these before. Pretty simple and useable (for me anyway). Made them mostly for myself, just thought I'd share :P

Comments are welcome!
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can you make this start orb with windows 8 logo?
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  Est SUPER!  Explode la plz 
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The start button (every single one I try) is 2-3 pixels too high for my "small" task bar.
jlynnxx's avatar
Same for the small orb on top taskbar. its like 5 px off.
sucks cuz i really liked all the color varieties
Xenthis's avatar
A black wide one like the other you made would be great! They are awesome though!
Jamie19ization's avatar
this goes really great with your windows 8 theme
Do you a fix for top task bar?

knownchild's avatar
I am creating some ViStart themes, will you allow me to use your start orbs in them? Credits will be mentioned. :)
ted08's avatar
tell me, how to fix it please
vettexl's avatar
Looks good! Could you make an .exe version? :)
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Well, you can use a start orb changer or do it manually. There are so many versions of explorer.exe that I can't keep them up to date...
vettexl's avatar
Alright, thanks!
ted08's avatar
When top versions of "orbs"will be done?)) Or i have no chance to wait for it?)
Neyfos's avatar
Great job, Thanks :)
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Hi, I know how to do the following, because you included explorer files.
Could you tell me what settings do you export with from gimp or ps? flatten/merge and 16/24/32bit and their variables, do you export with black background or it shows up black after export?
Thank you in advance!
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32bit BMP

It works correctly because it's a solid orb with no transparent parts.
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thanks, I'm asking because I have a custom orb (see my deviations for a simmilar 1), and I am having trouble right now, but I'll restore explorer.exe under System32 ans SysWOW64 (pacthed with something) and modify only explorer.exe in Windows folder.
vuvuzelahero's avatar
I think this is the right software for it: :D
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