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Longhorn Oxygen for Rainmeter / Omnimo

Decided to share that thing I made prior with you guys :)

I know there are several of these laying around, but I think you will find the neat functionality in this one quite useful. It supports all Omnimo Panels too as long as you resize it to 120px.


Super-simple Gallery
Panels and Styles

Note: This one requires Omnimo to be installed for it to work properly.

CREDITS: niji2jiBush1doSting1974


Comments and suggestions are welcome!
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how to install? im new here
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roses are red
legs have knees
i wanted to kill myself
this saved me
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you're a good sport
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how the freak do you install the god dang thing
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Download this & install it - and then install Oxygen
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I figured it out before you messaged me XD
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Ummm....Your directions are *very* vague. I have Omnio 6.0 installed. I downloaded the Longhorn pack and saved it to my desktop. There are no directions as to which directory to save this to. I'll fumble around a bit, but clearer instructions would be nice.
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Just double click the rmskin file and it should install.
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Gotcha! This brings back so many memories of using early builds of Longhorn. Thanks!
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Can someone help please ?? :) 
cant download anything theme /icons from .. Thanks
thanks for the skin! could you please provide a link to the same wallpaper as in the picture above? its beautiful!
Not Sure if this is the right place to ask, but ever since I downloaded the Longhorn skin, all my panels are dark, dull and ugly. How can I get back the vibrant, default Omnimo skin?

I even tried starting from scratch where they ask me 'which layout' I wanted and with what resolution but I always get back the dark panel icons.

Any help will be appreciated.
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Click the triangle and open Styles. You can change to the blue theme:
(It can also be activated via WP7/Gallery/Color/color.ini)

We worked so hard on adding this customization feature in Omnimo, and it seems that people don't even know it exists :cry:
A few clicks and I got it. Nevermind sorry.
Anyone know how to change the background of the Omnimo to match my Desktop background?

For my Omnimo UI, I have a clean white background.
For my desktop wallpaper, I have my own customized background.

How can I make these match?
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Click the top left corner of the background in Omnimo and set the image of your wallpaper to be the background.

You can also right click the background and unload it, so that nothing covers your wallpaper.
"Too few command lines arguments specified"

I get this when I click the top left corner.

And yes, thanks for the styles button. It is pretty 'obvious' that it's there for a reason.
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Which version of Omnimo are you using?
Using 6.0.

I fixed it though.
I unloaded all the skins and then pressed the top left and it worked.

Thanks for the support fedia. I'm new lol.
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These longhorn things you've been uploading reminded me of all the longhorn stuff I messed around with many years ago--both in terms of the actual operating system and its resources in other operating systems. Stop tempting me to re-skin windows again ;_;
Hi. How can i disabled it?
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