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Live resorces for wmp 11 Ver-3

Live resources for wmp 11 Version 3

[Mirror to rapidshare]

This is not a skin, this is a resource!

Windows live resource (Based on windows live graphics) for media player 11 (latest 11.0.5721.5145) version 1 (WINDOWS XP only)

*I don't know where you guys get a later version then this, I downlaoded it from official microsoft download page - and it seems to be the latest.

To install this resource you must have the latest media player 11

Place the wmploc.dll and wmp.dll to C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player and the C:\windows\system32 directories.

It is highly recommended to disable the annoying Windows File Protection!

For new wmp icons place the wmplayer.exe to C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player too.

Make sure you've made a backup of the original wmploc.dll, wmp.dll and wmplayer.exe!

Run media player, it should have the new look!

If you experience some problems send me a note, or comment!

Fixed bugs in V3:

New taskbar player!

Planned improvements in Version 3:
Mini player live images instead of black.

Looks perfect with:
Vista Live visual Style for XP: [link]
Windows Live Photo Gallery: [link]
Windows Live Mail: [link]
Windows Live Messenger: [link]

If you like this skin, please give it a :+fav:, it means a lot.
Comments are most welcome!

(C) Copyright 2007
© 2007 - 2022 fediaFedia
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technical question, what is the path within the wmploc.dll for this image? (White background image) [link] greetigns :aww:
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Windows Media Player Interface.
I love it. simple perfect! but... can u make it in a PT-BR version? if u want i can send the wmploc.dll in portuguese. Thanks =)
do my comments work? some experience or opinion out there about using the RESSOURCE in Vista?
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It's only for XP, don't even think about trying it on vista, you'll break windows media player.
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You don't want to do that. Then you can't play media files without quicktime, iTunes, divX Player, VLC Media Player, etc.
should i try this RESSOURCE in Vista
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Beeeeeeeautiful! I liked it too much! Thank you
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Glad you like it
I got a problem

when i have do what the ''readme'' says.
So i get a error.
I Deleted Windows media player 11 and reinstalled it from microsoft webpage.

When i have installed it and gonna start the program so i get a error and it says:
The file Wmp.dll have a verisonnumber 11.0.5721.5230 when 11.0.5721.5145 will work. Reinstall windows media player adn try again.

I have reinstalled it like 4 times and the same error have pop-up.

hel <3
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Use Change version info duh
What change version info?


Your toolbar skin is VerY nice :D
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Are you blind or something? There is a folder on how to change version info in the ZIP
No i am not blind u just look in another folder.

I need help with wmp.dll not wmploc.dll, Does reshacker change wmp.dll to?
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Why did you replace wmp.dll? It just changes a icon, the primary skin is wmploc.dll
In the ''readme'' its telling that i need to copy and paste wmp.dll and wmploc.dll to C:/Program files/Windows media player

And its telling to copy and paste Wmp.dll and wmploc.dll to the system32 folder.
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This deviation is old, I didn't realize that wmp.dll is required.
Anyway messing with system files is not for beginners, you should try simple wmp skins.
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Fedia, i want to have it in russian language, what I should translate?
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Restorator 2007, a russian wmploc.dll and lots of patience because you'll need to replace many BITMAPS and images under 257
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do u have the 5721.5230 version?
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Use change version info hack
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