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Live Calendar + Clock for RocketDock

Team Rocket (Intro) [V1] 
Edit: Enabled download, also here's a mirror:…

So seems like RocketDock is cool again, with Big Sur just around the corner.
I remembered we used to have these live docklets that actually showed the date and time, so thought to update them a little bit with the new style.


Installer if you're lazy
Clock Docklet
Calendar Docklet
5 Designs for the Clock

Instructions included in the readme file also!

Works great with

And of course, don't forget to check out

I'm working on making something of an open source Skin Pack / Automated Tutorial, but without the malware and viruses they include. So that you can achieve a pre-configured Big Sur look without the hassle. What do you think guys?

Comments are welcome!

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scam :This sample has been flagged by Hispasec feed bank as a banking trojan, i.e. a trojan that steals banking information in order to perform unauthorized wire transfers to attacker accounts.

Lab family name: Zeus

This trojan steals credentials from financial/banking entities or organizations.

Family summary:

Zeus is a trojan threat designed to steal data from victim’s system. It is most widely known for stealing financial account information e.g. online banking login details and account data. Once the infected binary file is installed to a machine, it connects to a command and control server, and also monitors for internet activity and uploads stolen data.

no it doesn't do anything its 100% safe and those DLL files are untouched from 2003

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You do realize these DLL files have been unchanged since 2003? There's nothing in there, and especially nothing that nobody else noticed for 18 years.

Moreover, I scanned it with virustotal and its fine: VirusTotal

For those who have issues with icon/skins not applied on start of Rocketdock do this:

Go to the folder where you installed Rocketdock. RIght click on Rocketdock.exe,Properties,click on second tab Compatibility and tick on Run as Admin,click on Apply and then OK. Open Rocketdock and apply the icons/skins you want. In Rocketdock Settings General tick on save Settings in ini-file and then OK.

Now it should apply automatically after every Restart of the App or System.

Thank you! This helped a lot and has worked every time

I had the issue in which calendar was invincible on rocketdock. So I applied big sur theme in icon settings as you suggested. It worked. But every time I start my laptop again or open rocketdock again, same issue arises. It loads default theme automatically in which calendar is invincible. Any solutions ?

How do I setup

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me gustaria para nexus

wish this kind of things come to nexus soon:"

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Oh man, I wish there was a something for nexus too

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It's compatible with Nexus, NexusDock even states it at their website!

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For real? Oh boy, I need to buy the full nexus then!

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But, uh, it's their word, not mine. Forgot to mention that.....woops.

Since it's a different program, might need some teeny tiny tweaks.

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oh wait what the fuck, i thought this was the skin for the DOCK not the calendar, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

i severely apologize for the mistake.

honestly, dont ask me, i thought this was skin for the dock, just the dock, not the module.

also, you could potentially make it work if you do some

"hecker stuf "

man, autopilot gets me again!

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i feel bad now for inadvertently deceiving you

i really thought i was at some dock skin, i didnt even wonder why they were talking about calendars, jeez, im dumb

How can I add multiple widget of the same kind?

Hey I have a Question. I tryed installing the Calendar. The calendar showed up in the Docklet list. But when i try to add it to the Dock the whole Programm crashes every time.

I really like your work and would be so happy if you could help me.

every time after restart the app the icon of calendar is missing and i need to set it again and again, how to fix it?

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Calendar is invisible, is there a fix?

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Fixed now, redownload

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Nothing. It is just an empty gap between my other apps.

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You may need to right click it, press the Skins button, and then select Big Sur and Apply this skin.

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