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Enable Hover Effect in Omnimo 6

Since several people requested this feature, I decided to add it back. Simply download this tweak and install it as normal. :)
It also includes the 6.0.1 Hotfix, so you don't need to download it separately.

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Hi ive just started using this, I was wondering is there a way to have a panel that shows a tv guide?
Hello, first ty for your amazing rainmeter skin! I got the new 6.0 omnimo and I was trying to get the 6.0.5 fix but the link is dead, any other option to get the fix? thx in advance.
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I got this already, my friends are wondering how i got two operating systems win 7 and win 8 running at the same time! and quickly i could change from win 7 to win 8 o.s. ! well i told them its rainmeter. they got more confused! hahaha. tnx a lot for this.
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Sorry, not yet. You can download the hotfix separately.

I'll release 6.0.4G soon
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What's the hover effect? :/
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Well, it's really only the color change on the panels when you put your mouse over it.
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Oh, that's cool! =P Thanks for submitting this! :meow:
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hum, its effective 
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Nice! This needs to be a legit tile app for win8 :)
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